Top 5 musicals to learn English

Top 5 musicals to learn English ABA English

Learning English from musicals? Precisely, they are far more suitable than you may imagine. It’s often said that you learn best by watching or listening, for example your favorite films or songs. Songs make a ...

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Agreeing with negative sentences

Agreeing with negative sentences ABA Englih

Hello there! Today we are going to look at how to agree with negative statements in English using “neither” and “either.” Let’s get to it! The word “neither” is  a combination of “not” and “either” ...

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10 Animal inspired English idioms

Top 10 funny animals idioms ABA English

What’s new, everybody? At ABA we are all great and have been working hard to make sure you have as much material as you can to continuously improve your English. As we all know, the ...

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