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How to understand an Irish person

Hey everyone! How is your English coming along? Do you understand most accents? What about the Irish one? Well, in actual fact, Ireland has a variation of accents like most English speaking countries, but the ...

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Future tenses revision

What’s happening ABA family? After being able to speak in the present and the past, we need to be able to express how we plan to do something in the future which is why we ...

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The present simple in English

What’s new everybody? It’s that fun time to learn about English grammar again and everyone at ABA knows you all love to learn. Today’s post is very important as it will teach you about the ...

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The verb “to like”

What’s up ABA family! Do you like to learn? Do you like improving your English? Well if so, you’re in the right place! In today’s post we are going to look at the verb “to ...

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Future Perfect – Advanced

Hey, everyone! Are you all ready to brush up on some important grammar? I bet you are so let’s go! The Future Perfect is a slightly difficult tense in English but it is important to ...

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The comparative of equality in English

What’s up everybody! Today we have an interesting post for you that will enable you to make comparisons of two things in English explaining that something is the same or not the same as something ...

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Comparative adjectives in English

Hey everybody! It’s that time again where we get the opportunity to improve our English that bit more with our weekly grammar post. Today we are going to look at comparative adjectives in English and ...

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Phrasal verbs with multiple meanings

One of the most difficult things for non-native English speakers is learning and memorizing phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are often really confusing, and more than likely have more than one meaning which would make any ...

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