Have you imagined the following scenario? You’re in an English-speaking country and everything is going very well, until…you start to feel ill. Your stomach hurts, you start to feel like you have a fever and ...

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How do you write a formal letter?

Before tackling the structure of a formal letter, the first thing to establish is what type of letter you need to write. You can discover this easily by answering the question: Why do I need ...

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Sports vocabulary

If you’re a sports fan, you probably already know the names of the most common sports. However, sports vocabulary is pretty broad. Think about all the types of sports out there: group, individual, extreme, aquatic, ...

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Business english videos

6 business English videos to use at work

Mastering business English is one of the most pressing challenges for executives and workers in general. Companies know that having employees that are proficient in the English language will give them the added value they ...

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