How to speak like a Southerner


Do you wish you could speak like Scarlett O’Hara or John Wayne? We’re going to review some common expressions and differences in pronunciation of a Southern accent. It’s important to note that there are a ...

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7 tips to concentrate on studying


You feel it’s a good day when you get yourself started with studying; so, you sit down and start reading your notes and try to get some exercises done. Unexpectedly your phone vibrates as your ...

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5 Habits of the eternal student


We all know that everyone is different and therefore, we all have different study habits. Some people study better at night, others early in the morning, with or without music, in the library, in the park… ...

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25 Alternative ways to say “said”


Learning a language isn’t just learning grammar and making sure that you reproduce the words in the correct order, but rather about vocabulary variety too. In English, people often use the word “said” to indicate ...

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Adverbs of Manner


We are going to look at adverbs of manner today. You may remember that adjectives are used to describe nouns. However, adverbs are used to describe verbs or rather, to say how something happens, or ...

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Popular English chat up lines


Have you ever tried to chat-up a native English speaker and not had much luck? Perhaps you are thinking of making the move to an English speaking country and would like to continue dating but ...

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