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Humour in English: British or American?

As the great writer Bertolt Brecht said, “History is horrible without humour.” In fact, what is humour, if not the ability to understand the comic side of situations in life, even of the most tragic? ...

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10 Ways to Say “Good” in English

The English adjective good is a word that is used often and which belongs to a very broad semantic field. In fact, there are an almost infinite number of situations in which this adjective could ...

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Relative Clauses in English

Relative clauses in English have the function, as is the case in other languages, of adding relatively important information about the subject or object of the sentence. They are usually placed immediately after the noun ...

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How to Use Contractions in English

In English, contractions are very common in informal language. This is the union of two words, usually a noun or a pronoun with a verb, where the disappearance of one or more letters is indicated ...

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