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Gerunds after verbs and prepositions


Hey ABA friends! Recently we have been focusing on the use of gerunds in English and when they should be used. In today’s post, we are going to focus on their use after a verb and a preposition together in English. When are gerunds used after a verb and a preposition? In English, there are many expressions which are comprised ...

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New Year’s Resolutions


Howdy! With 2017 here it’s time we all put our thinking caps on and decide on some New Year’s resolutions for 2017. New Year’s resolutions, extremely common both in the East and West, are a promise to fulfil an act of self improvement, or something that will generally benefit ourselves or others. A few common New Year’s resolutions include: – Giving ...

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3 Interesting ways to say “a little”


Here at ABA we pride ourselves on knowing that we are making a difference to our students’ learning everyday and that is something that we always want to improve on. With that in mind, today’s post is going to expand your vocabulary and teach you alternate ways to say “a little” in English. Did you know that the way in ...

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3 creative ways to find time in a busy schedule

Creative ways to find more time in a day ABA English

We believe we should fill our days with activities and people that bring us joy, that help us on our journey to personal growth. That make us happy. So how can we fit in time to learn new skills? How can we improve our career chances? This is what we will be talking about today: ways in which we can ...

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Using gerunds after verbs


Hey guys! A bit of a confusing grammar point in English is knowing when to use a gerund or infinitive after a verb. In today’s blog post we are going to look at different examples of when we need to use a gerund after a verb. Is there a rule? In English the use of a gerund after a verb ...

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Learn with Videos – The Nightmare before Christmas


Hello, fellow holiday makers! Today we want to share a brilliant poem with you all. Have you heard of Tim Burton? He is a very well-known American film director, producer, artist, writer, and animator. His works are known for being quite gothic and macabre. He also has a bizarre sense of humour. So, are you ready to learn some English? Awesome! ...

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The Most Important TOEFL Information


Hey everybody! Here at Magoosh, we pride ourselves in giving you all things TOEFL. This includes advice on admissions, immigration, jobs that require TOEFL scores, different formats and versions of the exam, study tips for ESL and the exam itself, and so much more. With all of this information, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to start. Today, we ...

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Expressions of frequency in English


What’s new ABA friends? Do you sometimes think it’s tricky in English to get the wording right when you are using expressions or adverbs of Frequency? Not to worry, as today we are going to look at them and their explanations in English. How many times a week/month/year do you do something? In English when we are talking about how ...

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The worst sources for TOEFL vocabulary


Originally posted on the Magoosh TOEFL blog! Learning vocabulary is one of the most basic parts of studying English, so getting good vocabulary is massively important. But there are a range of different types of vocabulary, depending on your needs. For the TOEFL specifically, academic vocabulary is helpful, as is common conversational vocabulary. There are many resources that are bad ...

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How to avoid awkward situations when meeting new people


Hey everybody! As language learners we are always keen to practise with new people we meet who speak the language that we are studying but there are a few things we must always keep in mind when being introduced to new people for the first time. Rules, we hear you say! Not exactly rules but more of a rough guide ...

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