Business english videos

6 business English videos to use at work

Mastering business English is one of the most pressing challenges for executives and workers in general. Companies know that having employees that are proficient in the English language will give them the added value they ...

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Connectors in English

How to use paragraph connectors in English

What are connectors in English used for? Connectors or linkers can help you join two or more ideas (sentences), allowing you to have a more structured and harmonious delivery. Instead of using single sentences, you ...

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Podcast para aprender inglés

Top 11 best podcasts to learn English

Podcasts are very useful resources for learning English. Here we’ll share 11 of the best podcasts for you to improve your listening, speaking, and grammar with explanations and tips from teachers George, Nikki, and Del. ...

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How to talk on the phone in English

Modern technology offers you a variety of practical tools (chat, video, email, etc.) to communicate instantly with anyone in the world. And best of all, for free.  This doesn’t mean that phone calls have become ...

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How to Learn English quickly at home

Spring is coming, that wonderful time of year when flowers begin to bloom everywhere. But not only are flowers reborn, so are many of our dreams, including that of speaking English fluently. It’s no secret ...

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10 adverbs of quantity in English

Adverbs are those words that modify a verb, an adjective, or even another adverb. There are many types of adverbs out there. On this occasion, you’ll learn about the most important ones you can use ...

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cooking verbs

The main cooking verbs in English

If you’re here, you probably like to cook, try new recipes, and search for exotic dishes on the internet to surprise your family or friends with. Or not. Maybe eating is what motivates you and ...

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