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Past simple of regular verbs in English


What’s up everyone! We all know how frustrating it can sometimes be to learn another language and master its grammar. Today we are going to try to calm that frustration by looking at the past simple tense in English and its use with regular verbs in the past. What are the rules? Like most grammar rules in any language, there ...

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Impersonal sentences with “it”


What’s up guys! It is said that grammar can sometimes be tricky. Would you agree? In today’s blog post, we are going to look at the use of the pronoun “it” in impersonal sentences and when we should use it. When do we use “it” in impersonal sentences? There are many different examples of using “it” in impersonal sentences in ...

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How to give constructive feedback in English


Being human beings, it is only natural for us to look for feedback from our bosses when we give a talk or present ideas so that we can make them better for next time but it is important for us to remember that our colleagues also look for feedback from us too. In today’s post we are therefore going to ...

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Present simple and continuous with future meaning


What’s new everyone? It’s that time of the day again where we start to focus on our English and what we can do to improve it. Today we are going to be looking at the present simple and present continuous tenses and how we can use them in English to express a future meaning. When do we use the present ...

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British people’s least favourite American actions


We may all share the same mother tongue and generally get each other, but there are some things that both sides will just not understand about the other. Today we’re going to look at actions that Americans deem normal, but that make the Brits’ skin crawl! Yikes! In no particular order of annoyance… 1. It’s not a secret that in ...

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4 ways to say sorry


Most languages are usually rich in synonyms of certain words and English is no exception to that general idea.  With the language having more than one million words, there are plenty of others ways to express the word “sorry” and today we are going to look at few of them and what situations they would tend to be used in. ...

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The present continuous in English


ABA friends! How are you all? As you know, every verb like in every language has its own purpose and needs to be used in a specific way. Today we are going to focus on the present continuous tense and how form its structure as well as its uses in English When and why do we use this tense? This ...

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Should businesses use online translation websites?


In the last few years the use of online translation tools has risen dramatically as more and more translation websites pop up on the internet such as Google Translate and FreeTranslation just to name a couple. Are these websites 100% accurate though? Today we are going to look at some of their advantages and disadvantages and discuss whether workplaces and ...

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Why online teachers are important


In the ever changing online world we live in, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with new technology and advances in education due to their continuous development. In a society where education is more online based, it’s important to look at what role traditional teachers play nowadays and how it will continue to develop. In this post, we ...

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Regular verbs in the present tense in English


Hey ABA family! Verbs- they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but a very important part of every language and definitely a very important part of the English language. Today we are going to look at regular verbs to make sure that we know them

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