5 Tips for listening practice


Hello ABA Family! How are we all ? A very common problem with English learners is that they have difficulty understanding spoken English, it could be watching a film, listening to music or simply conversing ...

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Reported speech in English


Hey everybody! Today’s post is sure to be a winner in terms of improving your level of spoken English. In fact it definitely is as today we are going to be looking at reported speech ...

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The impersonal pronoun “it”


What’s new ABA family? We’re back and we have another action packed grammar blog post for you, so that you continue to improve your level of English. Today we are going to be focusing on ...

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5 Useful English proverbs


Hello ABA friends! I hope you are all having a great day! Do you know what proverbs are? If you don’t, you’ve come to the right place, proverbs are a collection of wise expressions or ...

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New Year’s Resolutions


Howdy! With 2017 here it’s time we all put our thinking caps on and decide on some New Year’s resolutions for 2017. New Year’s resolutions, extremely common both in the East and West, are a promise ...

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