A Review of NYFW 2018


New York Fashion Week has once again left its mark. It took place from February 8 to 16 this year under the motto of creativity and renovation. The event was characterized by the perfect combination ...

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Family Members in English


Families are a pillar of society and form the base for cultures all over the world. If you are thinking of taking a trip to an English-speaking country, it is a good idea to learn ...

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Financial Lexicon in English

finance-vocabulary-abaenglish (1)

Whether you work for a company or are interested in economics and finance, you will recognize that knowing financial terms in English can be very useful. The world of investments and international trade take the ...

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Nine Ways to Offer Help in English


If you are thinking of travelling abroad, you will surely want to be able to offer your assistance if necessary. At the airport,you may want to help someone put their bags in the overhead lockers ...

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6 Things to Know About Cryptocurrencies


You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a system of money not tied to any government or organization. It’s Internet money. Some people say that someday we’ll all be using cryptocurrency instead ...

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