Past simple of “to have to”

Past simple of to have to ABA English

Hello friends, In Unit 54 you learnt all about the modal verbs “must” and “have to” in the present form, and how to use them correctly. “Must” has no past form, so we generally use ...

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How to ask for a payrise

How to ask for a pay rise in English ABA English

Asking your boss or superior for a pay rise is an idea which fills most of us with dread. It’s a very delicate matter and you never know whether you will achieve your aim in ...

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Nature idioms in English


Good morning everyone! So, as we all know, English is a rich language which is full of idiomatic expressions. These are sentences that have a specific meaning which cannot be translated literally to other languages. ...

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Introduction to sentence connectors

sentence connectors

Sentence Connectors are a great way of improving your English. Why? Well, we use them to express relationships between ideas and to combine sentences. Today we are going to look at coordinating conjunctions. These conjunctions ...

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How to speak like a South African


Hello ABA friends! Have you heard about South Africa? No, not the south of Africa, South Africa, a country located at the very southern tip of the continent. Well, there are about 5 million people ...

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