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We imagine that you’ve already heard why you should learn English. It can help you get ahead both at work and in school. It’s become a must for stress-free travel. If you want to listen to music or watch Hollywood films without dubbing or subtitles, you have to know English.

So, you are thinking about improving your English. Have you considered the advantages of an online course? You can choose the time and place that best fits your schedule. Learning at your own pace and the ability to repeat lessons if something is not clear are just some of the advantages of learning English online.

Learn English Grammar Online With Free Videos

Learning grammar is one of the foundations of learning any language. But it doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to take a long time. The sample video you’ll find at the end of this article, for example, will clarify the articles in English in just 2 minutes and 51 seconds!

That’s why each unit of our course includes a video class. These video lessons are taught by one of our experienced native teachers and cover the same grammar from the ABA Film at the start of the unit. The ABA Film will help you warm up to the topic. Then, the video class will explain things more in-depth. Finally, practice exercises will help you cement what you have learned.

The best thing about video classes is that they can be replayed. If you want to review a topic later on or if something wasn’t clear the first time around, just watch the video again!

Educational Videos for English Learners

The video classes from ABA English are an essential educational resource. When you take an online course, you won’t have a teacher in front of a blackboard explaining things. Reading dense grammar explanations in a textbook is not fun or interesting. Simply reading can leave the topic unclear at times.

That’s why our video classes will really help you understand the content of the English course units. You’ll still have the teacher in front of the blackboard to help explain grammar to you but you’ll be watching them from the comfort of your own office or sofa (or wherever else you choose to study).

Since these videos are usually short, you can watch a grammar video class whenever you have extra time, like in the doctor’s office or on the bus. They are a useful and complete tool that you’ll be able to use whenever you need. Understand English grammar better and revise what you’ve learned with this one special tool!

Learn English Step By Step

Each unit of the ABA English course has its corresponding video class. You might be wondering who made them? Our team of native teachers did! These classes, starring the same teachers, will explain English grammar to you in the easiest way possible. They’ll make sure the lesson is entertaining and keep you interested so that your language can really improve.

Our video classes cover the full range of English grammar, starting with the basics and slowly growing more complex. You can start as a complete Beginner and make it to the Advanced level with the video classes accompanying you along the way, clarifying any doubts you may have about English grammar as you go.

Learning With Subtitles

Maybe the thought of a video class makes you a bit nervous. What if your English isn’t good enough to understand the explanation? To help ease your fears, ABA English offers its video classes with and without subtitles.

So, you can watch the video without any subtitles first, to see what you understand and to practice listening to a native speaker. Then, if you have any questions, you can watch it again with subtitles in your native language or English – whichever you prefer. Or you can watch with the subtitles on from the beginning until you feel comfortable enough to turn them off.

The choice is completely up to you! You decide if you want subtitles or not, what language the subtitles are in, and if you want to watch the video again. Control your own learning with our online English course.

Try an English Video Class

Now the time has come to ask: would you like to watch one? Below you’ll find one of our video classes. It’ll explain the differences between definite and indefinite articles and plural nouns. As a bonus, you’ll learn some useful vocabulary for ordering breakfast, too.

Watch Teacher Jay in action:

If you’d like to receive and access all 144 video classes today, all you have to do it sign up for the ABA English course. The videos are completely free! If you want, you can check your English level and see where you’re at and how much you have left to learn.

ABA English is happy to offer its students these 144 video classes along with the same number of short films. Using these visual aids will let you learn English at your own pace while keeping it interesting and entertaining. Our intuitive and natural method will help you achieve all of your language goals while letting you choose the time, place, and rhythm of your studies. Why not try it today?

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