How to use “ever” & “how long”


Hello again ABA friends! Let’s look at two very common expressions in the English language: Ever How long Both these expressions are very important to learn and master, especially if you want to form question ...

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Eating out in English


Imagine the following situation: you’re on holiday and you feel like giving local fare a try. You choose a good restaurant, you open the menu and you unintentionally order something that wasn’t what you thought ...

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Apostrophes and Possessive Pronouns

Apostrophes and possessive pronouns

This post originally appeared on the Magoosh TOEFL blog. Today we will look at the way apostrophes are used with possessive pronouns… or rather how they aren’t used, in most cases. For the most common ...

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Qualifying adjectives in English

Qualifying adjectives ABA English

Hello ABA Friends I hope you are all having a great day! Do you know how to use qualifying adjectives in English? If not, don’t worry too much because we are here to help you ...

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Learn English by watching films


Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Thor: Ragnarok, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and many more besides. Our question to you is: What language do you want to see them in this year? Why ...

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Superlatives ABA English

Hey everybody! I know what you are thinking, ABA English is the best, the most exciting and the most enjoyable course you have ever done in your life! Right? I certainly hope that is true. ...

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