Adverbs of time and place


In the past units you have studied all about adverbs. For example in unit 16 you learned about adverbs of frequency, in unit 75 you focused on adverbs of quantity, and finally in unit 83 ...

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How to Write a Cover Letter


When looking for work, almost everyone knows what a curriculum vitae is and how to write one, but few are aware of the importance of including a cover letter with the CV. It is a ...

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The use of “will” in English


Hello ABA friends! The modal verb “will” is very important to learn in English as it will help you use the simple future tense in the correct way. Two common future forms are “will” and ...

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5 Ways to say “I understand”


Hey everybody! As you will all know, the most common way to express agreement and understanding in English is by saying the sentence “I understand”, however it is very important to try to use more ...

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A lesson on object pronouns


Hello ABA friends, How are you all doing today? We’re sure you’re all ready to practice some grammar, right? Ok, in unit 1 of the  ABA course you started learning “subject pronouns”, which are: I ...

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What to do if you lose your suitcase?


If you travel a lot and you’re flying, you will definitely know what we are talking about. It doesn’t matter whether the bag you handed in before departure has gone missing or has arrived late, ...

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