How to Have a Small Talk at a Christmas Party

End of the year parties are approaching and Christmas is always an occasion to meet up with family and friends. In general, it is an opportunity to eat, talk, play, and share the joy of this time of year together which undoubtedly brings out the best in each of us.

If you are abroad and someone invites you to a Christmas party or if you have English speaking guests at your Christmas celebration, this is an opportunity to practice your English that you cannot pass up, regardless of your level or command of the language. How about preparing yourself in advance to initiate or hold a short conversation in English? Do not worry, there are many topics you can raise in conversation during a Christmas party. Here are some ideas with examples.

Who do you celebrate Christmas with?

Usually, one of the first topics to arise when we start a conversation with someone we do not know has to do with family or friends. So, take the opportunity to get to know the person you are speaking with a little better and to also share some information about who you usually spend the holidays with.

I heard you are from Iceland. Who do you usually spend Christmas with?

I usually spend Christmas with my parents and we invite friends over for dinner.

I celebrate Christmas with my wife and kids. We always have a wonderful time!

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Whether you are the one who is sharing information or if you have decided to inquire a little about the habits of your conversation partner, an interesting cultural exchange will always take place. Even though Christmas has practically become an international holiday, not all places celebrate in the same way. So take this opportunity to expand your cultural knowledge through a little conversation in English.

You are from India, right? How do you celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is not a big celebration in India since most of the country is Hindu. So, I’m learning new things now that I am in London.

In Mexico, we celebrate Christmas with piñatas and posadas, have you heard about that?

Christmas Food

Food is definitely a topic that never fails. This is even truer when it comes to the holidays. Depending on the place where we find ourselves, there will be a variety of culinary terms for us to discover. Go ahead and talk a little about Christmas food!

In some countries, stuffed turkey is the main dish on Christmas.

I really love drinking eggnog for the holidays. It is delicious.

I miss the Christmas sweets from my country, but this dessert is delicious.

Gifts and More Gifts

Finally, gifts are an important part of Christmas. We always ask what gifts we are going to give or what we want to receive for the holidays. In addition, children look forward to this celebration so that Santa Claus can reward them for their good behaviour with what they have asked for. This could surely be a very entertaining topic for conversation.

What did you ask Santa for this Christmas?

Where did you buy your presents this year?

I found a toy store downtown where I could finally buy the doll my daughter asked me for this Christmas.

Do not forget that at the end of your conversation it is important to wish the other the usual Merry Christmas or you can also say Happy Holidays.

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