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Learn English Fast and Easily With Chill Out Learning

We all want to reach a level of fluent English in a very short time. And we want to do so almost effortlessly, right? That’s why, after a lot of research and work, we’ve developed the perfect method to achieve just that.

Chill Out Learning is an innovative program that helps you improve on what you’ve learned and expand your vocabulary enormously. In addition, it’s the ideal accompaniment for our online course and is available for Free and Premium members.

The result? You don’t have to sacrifice hours of sleep to study. You’ll sleep peacefully with the help of a relaxing voice and move forward in your learning by leaps and bounds.

The Learning Program You Weren’t Expecting

Are you tired of losing hours of sleep in order to do all the activities that you’ve set out for yourself? This happens to us, too. And the less you sleep, the less you perform, for sure.

You’ll have heard the phrase, “In your dreams!” as a sarcastic response to something that’s almost impossible. Well, sarcasm’s journey ends here. Now it really is possible to learn while you sleep. Not only that, but you’ll learn naturally and quickly while your brain will retain the knowledge better.

In another article, we talked about the best way to learn English at home and gave you some advice. But of course, these tips need you to be awake. Now we’ve doubled down and want to help you learn in your dreams.

You’ll never have to decide between sleeping or improving your English level again. Want us to share the secret with you?

Chill Out Learning: The Best Way to Learn English

Until today, English courses had the important requirement that you be awake. We can all remember how happy the teacher used to be if you accidentally fell asleep in class…

That, however, has changed.

As you know, the ABA English learning method is based on classes that adapt themselves to your time and availability without sacrificing quality or good results. Due to its characteristics, this online teaching method, about which we have already given you some tips, offers some of the best results.

Learn while you sleep and enjoy the benefits when you wake up.

The new method we have developed, “Chill Out Learning”, goes a step further. This innovative program is based on scientific studies that have discovered that the brain’s ability to retain new knowledge increases by 10% if it’s exposed to it just before going to bed.

Does this all sound too complicated to allow you to sleep peacefully? Don’t panic! Now we’re going to tell you all about the main features of Chill Out Learning. You’ll see how possible it is to reconcile the relaxed sleep that we all seek and learn at the same time.



This is the most important thing at bedtime, right? This has a lot to do not only with the content but also with the voice that transmits it. The audio is entirely spoken by a voice that, slowly and gently, will guide you through the content that you already know as well as the new vocabulary.

Lie down, relax, and let the natural learning process begin.


This isn’t about singing a lullaby to get you to sleep. Chill Out Learning has tips for studying grammar.

Do you think listening to someone talk about grammar before going to bed won’t be fun? You’re not the only one.

That’s why the way in which this method presents grammatical content is really entertaining. In addition, you’ll find a lot of curious facts about the language that will help you master it even further.


Nobody wants to get to bed and lay their head on the pillow just to start a one-hour class. That wouldn’t be good for either your mood or your health. With this in mind, Chill Out Learning manages to achieve the most learning in the shortest possible time.

You’ll study English with five-minute podcasts that not only review the knowledge you already have but that also help you enrich your vocabulary with new words.


Since the voice will be that of a native speaker, every podcast you listen to will help you practice your listening and familiarise yourself with the English accent.

A few minutes of listening to the audios and you’ll have gained listening experience as complete as that of our video classes and short films.

Lie down, relax, and let the natural learning process begin.


Creating a study routine is vital to achieving good results. Just as you brush your teeth every night to keep them healthy, Chill Out Learning helps you create a daily English learning routine and to reinforce it as well.

Maybe you’ll say that this is something that other methods offer – and you’re right. But none of them gives you a study routine that allows you to relax.

At ABA English, we know that resting has become a luxury these days, one that we don’t always get to enjoy. We live and sleep stressed.

For that reason, we’ve created Chill Out Learning as an opportunity for you to lower those stress levels and have a moment of relaxation and tranquillity. You’ll learn while you sleep without neglecting your improvement goals.

What we want with this program is to maximise your learning opportunities, especially at the time of day when it’s been scientifically proven that your brain learns more and better.

We invite you to join this knowledge revolution and let yourself be guided by our native teachers along the calm path of learning. Enjoy listening to relaxing audio tracks in English that will not only teach you but will also prepare you to sleep with the most restful of dreams. Learn while you sleep and enjoy the benefits when you wake up.


Start learning English while you sleep today!

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  1. Where I can find the link to audio tracks of ABA English for practice Chill out learning?

    • Hi Cristina. You can find the audios on the app, inside the “Live English” section. Look for the “Listening” activities called “Chill Out”.

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