Successful Negotiation in English

One fundamental skill to have in the world of business and other environments is certainly negotiation. In our global and intercultural world, considerable adaptation skills, diplomacy, conversational skills, and a good dose of cold blood ...

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Diphthongs in English

One of the most difficult parts of learning English is definitely the pronunciation, especially for those learning English as a second language. This is partly because many school programs are very focused on grammar and ...

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IELTS vs. TOEFL: Which Should You Take?

To IELTS or not to IELTS? To TOEFL or not to TOEFL? For many applicants to English language universities (and certain immigration programs), these are the eternal questions. But there are some additional questions you ...

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How to Greet in English-Speaking Countries

Greetings are a fundamental aspect of each culture and a sign of good education, kindness, and openness towards others. Every country has its own way of greeting. In Spanish-speaking countries, handshakes are used when meeting ...

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How to Be a Perfect Londoner

Have you been living in the British capital for a few months or would you like to move to London to learn English? In either case, you should know that London is not only a ...

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English Phrases for Working in a Bar

Many television programs and newspaper articles focus on the phenomenon of young people from foreign countries emigrating to London. In fact, many young people, as soon as they finish high school, pack their suitcases and ...

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The Phonetics of English Vowels

If you want to learn to speak English well, you should pay close attention to phonics. In fact, English pronunciation is quite difficult for many speakers of other languages, especially since it is full of ...

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Live classes – Netflix documentaries

This week Teacher Robin has prepared another live class about Netflix documentaries. As well an explanation, we will give you examples and exercises so that you can understand the class perfectly. You can download the material ...

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