How Many Synonyms of I Think Do You Know in English?

You have definitely heard many times that the more you progress in the mastery of a language, the more the vocabulary and expressions used vary. This is very important because in a language, both in writing and in speaking, variety is essential since it makes communication more pleasant and interesting.

While getting to know all the synonyms and different ways to say things in English would be a titanic task, there are definitely some expressions that you should know because they will help give some variety to your communication and will also help you to feel more comfortable with what you are saying. That is why, in this article, we will suggest some synonyms for I think that you can use to express your point of view or opinion about something.


As a synonym of think, it is very common to use this verb to express your point of view or way of thinking.

I believe it is important to review the document carefully.

Be of the opinion

This expression is a bit more formal and can be used either to talk about a personal point of view or to report someone else’s opinion.

I am of the opinion that the strategy should be changed.


Another verb that can be used to replace think is consider. In this case, the emphasis is placed on the fact that the point of view or opinion expressed has gone through a certain process of reflection.

I consider it important to plan the work beforehand.


This verb can be translated as reflecting on something, thinking about it, or weighing it. It is a useful synonym for think when what we are expressing refers to the careful reflection that occurs in the decision making process. Its register is quite formal.

I have been pondering the possibility of moving to London.

Be convinced

In this case, the use of be convinced emphasizes that you really believe in what is being said and want to persuade others to agree with you.

I am convinced this will solve the school’s problems.


Even though this verb refers more to a subjective feeling, it can be used in more informal contexts where sensations and feelings are also important.

I felt she was not telling the truth.


This verb is mostly used in informal contexts. It means the same as believe and is used after having thought for a moment and having evaluated the possibilities.

I reckon the project could help the community.


When expressing a fact-based opinion about something, the verb judge can be used.

Judging from its materials, the piece is authentic.

To enrich your vocabulary and the way you express yourself in English, it is important to consider the context in which you will be using an expression or a synonym. In addition, it is very useful to consult a thesaurus from time to time to give variety to your oral and written communication. If you are interested in achieving a level of English proficiency that allows you to express yourself without any limitations, why not try our online English course? The ABA English course offers 144 free video lessons and the same number of short films to allow you to learn both grammar and communication skills in an entertaining and practical way.

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