Six Tips for Studying English Online

As you have probably already noticed, nowadays, speaking English today is not considered a luxury, but rather a requirement. It is practically taken for granted that English will be needed both in the workplace and in the academic world. It is perhaps for this reason that thousands of people seek effective ways to learn English.

If you are reading this article, it is because you are probably looking for some ideas or tips about learning English online. You have come to just the right place! Here we will give you six tips on how to study English online without dying in the effort. Are you ready? Then pay close attention to each section of this article!

1. Find out what your English level is.

Perhaps you will say that you really know very little English. Or if you have already taken some English courses, you may think that you already have some knowledge and that you should not start from scratch. Good! The first step towards starting to study English online is to take a placement test. Maybe you are wondering and what they are and where you can find one? A placement test is an assessment that establishes your level of knowledge and command of English and can tell you, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, what level you are at. There are many free options on the internet. You just have to do a search and choose the one that seems best.

The results of taking a placement test are very useful because you can take a course, do exercises, or look for learning materials that are just at your level so that you can move forward without repeating what you already know.

2. Learn the grammar.

Perhaps grammar is one of the aspects of the language that is of most concern to English learners. While it is very important, it is not the only thing that you should pay attention to because knowing the rules of a language does not guarantee that you can express yourself properly.

Depending on your level, you can search for information and exercises for certain grammar topics on the internet but you must then go on to practise your communication skills as well. It will be the best way to put into practise the rules that you are learning.

3. Practise reading and listening.

One excellent way to learn English online is through daily immersion in the language. Currently, thanks to the internet, listening to the news, a podcast, a video, or reading the newspaper or an article that interests you is very easy. Everything is within your reach.

So, if you want to see that your level of understanding is improving in both reading and listening, there is no better method than exposing yourself to the language every day. On the BBC website as well as on the Voice of America, you will find readings and audios about news and current affairs that have been created especially for those who are learning English. So do not miss out on them as they are both great resources.

4. Write and speak as often as possible.

After reading the title of this section, you may wonder how you can manage to speak and write in English if you live in a place where there are limited opportunities to use English. Well, the internet comes to your rescue yet again!

If you are interested in practising English with native speakers, there are many language exchange sites, both written and spoken. This is the modern version of a custom that has already been around for very many years old. You simply need to sign up on a pen pals page and you can begin to practise. You will usually need to come to an agreement with your online friend, as they will also want to practise your native language with you.

5. Spend 10 minutes per day on vocabulary.

Vocabulary is also very important because it is what allows you to adequately express what you need and the way that you want it. That is why it is important to set aside 10 minutes per day for learning vocabulary. To do so, you can download some specific vocabulary learning applications. Remember, it is better to learn a few words a day and not forget them rather than to learn a lot all at once and then forget most.

6. Take an online English course.

Finally, if you are interested in studying a certificate online or want to study in a more consistent and organised way, then you can consider taking an online English course. The range of choices that you will find on the internet is quite large and you may get confused because each course offers different methodologies and resources.

To choose a good course, it is important that you choose the methodology that best suits your learning style. Also, do not forget to consider the cost as well as the benefits that you will get for what you pay. To do so, you can consult the comments of those who have already taken the course, because there is no one better able to tell you about the course and their experience with it.

If you want to learn English effectively and achieve a good command of the language, why not try our online English course? ABA English offers you an English course with certificates and proven effectiveness. It includes 144 free video classes and the same number of short films which have been designed to allow you to learn the language naturally and immersively so that you can see results from the very first lesson.

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  1. Nice one. I practice listening English through Movies and series.

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