How to articulate your mood in English

Life takes many twists and turns and it is the language that allows you to communicate how you feel at certain times. Sometimes you need to tell someone that you feel worried. At other times, you want to share your joy with those around you. In this article, we will teach you how to use the correct words and phrases to express your mood in English.



While most of the words that you will definitely know to use to do this are adjectives like happy, angry, and sad, there are many more options that you can use to express yourself and to make others better understand you. We have divided them into categories to make it easier for you to find the ones you need.



1. I Feel Happy!

Happiness is something that we all seek and when we find it, we want to share it with others. With these phrases, you can express your happiness in a creative way. In addition, you will be even happier when you see that the people you are talking to tell you that your vocabulary is very good.

I’m on cloud nine!
Use this phrase when you feel that your chest is bursting with the amount of happiness that you have inside.

I’m like a dog with two tails!
Can you imagine how happy a dog would be if it had two tails? When you feel very happy and you know that others can sense it, use this phrase.

I’m full of the joys of spring!
If you feel happy, full of energy, and vitality, you can definitely say that all the good aspects of spring live within you.


2. I Feel Sad

Sometimes things do not turn out as you thought they would. You may have bad luck at work or come down with some illness does not let you leave home. If you feel bad, you may want someone to accompany you or listen to you. Here are some useful phrases to express how you feel.

I’m under the weather.
Do you have a cold? Do you not want to leave the house? Do you feel depressed? This phrase is the one you should choose when you feel sick or feel like not doing anything.

I have the blues.
Have you listened to the blues? It is a musical genre that is characterised by the telling of sad stories and its melancholic sound. This phrase tells others that you have become infected by the sadness and melancholy of that music. You may need a hug.


3. What Anger!

If you are one of those people who have a volatile temperament, you know that the more creatively you express it, the better others will understand when you are upset. Here are the phrases you can use when you are angry.

I’m steamed up.
This literally tells others that you are steaming with anger. If you look like a boiler about to explode, you want others to know it and run to safety.

I blew a fuse.
Imagine that you have overloaded the electrical system in your house and that a fuse explodes. Can you imagine the sound and the sparks? This is how you are describing yourself when you use this phrase.


4. For Moments of Despair

Some of us are not as patient as others. We are easily irritated when they ask too many questions. Sometimes we just get up in a bad mood. Here are some phrases to use on those difficult days when you do not have any patience for anyone.

Get off my back!
If you have someone chasing you all day with questions and you definitely want them to disappear for a while, you can invite them to stop their annoying behaviour with this phrase.

Cut it out!
If you want someone to stop doing something annoying, you can use this phrase to achieve it.


5. For When You Are Relaxed

That is enough of strong emotions for now. Here we suggest some phrases that you can use for those moments in which you are at peace and relaxed.

I’m chill.
Use it when you are on the beach taking a vacation or when you are avoiding your responsibilities with no worries.

I’m taking it easy.
This phrase is perfect when you are doing things at your own pace, without worries or strong emotions.



Expressing your emotions properly is very important and even more so in a foreign language.

Now you have a good repertoire of phrases that will help you faithfully communicate the way you feel.

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