The best movies for learning B1-level English

When you learn a language, it is important to practice outside of class to increase your knowledge and to reinforce what you already know.

By practice, we do not mean reviewing the lesson you had in the last class or copying down any vocabulary in your notebook.

If you have the opportunity to chat with your friends or to read a book in the language you are learning, the process will be more entertaining and more effective.

Watching movies can also help you improve your skills. Nowadays, there are many ways to find English films that will help to polish your listening skills and increase your vocabulary with a host of new words and expressions.

In this article, we will recommend nine films with various themes to put a good selection at your disposal.



1. Toy Story

Have you seen all of the Toy Story films in your native language?

Now that you already know the plot, the names of the characters, and even the funniest lines of this movie saga, we recommend that you watch them in English.

The first film debuted in 1995 and was the first of its kind. It combined adventure, humor for all ages, and a cast of endearing characters.

The English version has dialogues with simple grammar that are rich in vocabulary and everyday expressions. The characters speak with excellent gestures, so it will not be difficult to understand what they are saying.




2. Harry Potter

Join this young wizard on his journey to discover the power that he carries within and, in the meantime, familiarize yourself with the game of Quidditch.

If you are more interested in the British accent than the American, this series of films (eight in total) is a very good option.

The dialogues are very interesting and the actors’ performances will help you understand what they are saying. The acting is exceptional and the story is fascinating.




3. Terminator 2

Nobody will ever look as great as Arnold Schwarzenegger on a Harley Davidson.

This cult movie is also very good for practicing your English listening while seeing explosions. Many explosions.




4. American Beauty

Critically acclaimed, this film is a drama that you cannot leave off of your list.

In short, an average American father enters a mid-life crisis that changes his life and the lives of those around him.

He quits his job, buys a new sports car, falls in love with his teenage daughter’s friend, and tries to revitalize his relationship with his wife.

With a script rich in colloquialisms and phrases from daily life, this film is a must-see.




5. Forrest Gump

A classic among classics.

With this cinematic jewel, you can test your listening skills as there are several characters with very different accents that come together to tell this emotional story.

Forrest is a young man from Alabama who is in love with his best friend, Jenny. In one way or another, this boy with an IQ of 75 is always involved in the most significant events in the US from the second half of the 20th century.




6. Clueless

Not to be missed.

It is funny and has that touch of gag humor that we have not seen since the end of the ‘90s gave way to heavier comedies with more risqué humor.

Here you will come across a lot of retro lingo from the teens of the era with many iconic situations that have been replicated in many other movies about high schools in the US.




7. Men in Black

What happens when you put a baby boomer and a boy from Generation X together in an ultra-secret job?: The best movie of the ‘90s.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones made the best team of the decade in this film about aliens and state secrets.

Apart from entertaining, the dialogues never stop. There is speaking in almost every scene. Even the dogs talk!




8. Indiana Jones

The epic Harrison Ford could be the actor with the best gestures in all of Hollywood.

This film tells the story of an erudite professor with the soul of an untameable adventurer and his search for the Lost Ark.

In the film, there are traps, bandits, leaps into the dark, riddles, and endearing quotes.




9. E.T.

This movie has a good variety of dialogues. They are mostly short, direct, and slow, so listening will not be a problem.

The film is about an alien who wants to go home and the boy who tries to help him.




The cinema is definitely an entertaining and effective means to come into contact with the language naturally.

Now that you have a good list of movies to learn and practice your B1-level English with, all you have to do is get your popcorn ready.

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