Interrogative words when and why

Interrogative words “when” and “why”

Why are you learning English? When did you start? These two “question words” or interrogative pronouns are used when forming questions in English, especially when we want to find out information

Let’s start with the question word “why”:

  • Why do you play tennis?
  • Why do you like vegetables?
  • Why are you late?
  • Why did you start learning English?

All of the questions are asked in order to find out information and usually we will respond with the conjunction “because.”

For example:

  • Why are you late?
  • Because I missed the train!
  • Why did you leave the party?
  • Because I wasn’t enjoying myself

Have you got it? Great!

Now let’s learn about the question word “when” and how to use it correctly.

The question word “when” is used when we want to find out the time of an event or action. There is no other interrogative word which indicates to the interlocutor that we want to know the time of such an event or action. Look at the following examples:

  • When are you going to study for your exam?
  • Tomorrow evening
  • When do you want to come to my house?
  • I’ll come at 11am
  • When is your birthday?
  • It’s in August

Easy right? I’m sure you all understand that perfectly. If you would love to continue studying your English and improve on a daily basis, join us!

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