The advantages of studying English online

You have probably come here looking for an answer to what the best way to study English is.

Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a base you want to improve on, the time has come to decide which methodology is best.

We have prepared this article to help you make your decision.

It will explain the advantages and disadvantages of studying English online and why we are convinced that this is one of the best ways to learn the language.

Come on then, let’s resolve any doubts you may have.



English classes online



Not so many years ago, things were simpler, right? If you wanted to study a new language, you signed up for a class at a specialized academy or institute. You then spent a good number of years attending classes and studying.

But was that really simpler? Or has technology helped us to make learning a language more enjoyable and dynamic

Today, you can choose between learning English online or in person. This allows you to adapt the learning method to your schedule to the rhythm of your life instead of having to be the one who adapts to the rhythm of the language school.



How do online English classes work?



Many of the people who come to online teaching platforms wonder if online English courses really work.

Sometimes, if a thing seems too easy and accessible, it makes us distrust its effectiveness a little. That is a valid doubt. Just think of how long people assumed that the only way to succeed was to continue attending years of classes in an institute.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of learning a language online, as there is for everything.

Our goal is to help you evaluate precisely these points. Once you have a clearer picture, you will be able to make a truly well-informed decision.



Disadvantages of online classes

Let’s leave the best for last. We will start with the main disadvantages of this teaching method.

  • You do not have any classes to attend. Is it really a disadvantage to not be forced to learn at a specific time and in a specific place?
  • There is no teacher to learn from. You may not have a teacher in front of a blackboard, but online English courses have very good professionals who work as tutors for those who are studying on their platforms.
  • You cannot practice speaking. While you may not have live conversation classes, that does not mean that you will not have a way to practice your pronunciation. You can even practice how to handle yourself in everyday situations in English such as going to the movies, traveling, meeting people, going to a job interview, etc.

So, it seems like the world of studying online is not so bad after all.




Advantages of online classes

Do you want to know some of the advantages of learning this way? And how do online English courses work?

  • You can study anywhere. With online classes, you are not the one who goes to a classroom, rather the classroom comes with you. By learning through internet platforms, you can connect to the platform from wherever it is most convenient for you.
  • Mobile devices. Online teaching platforms are designed so that you can access them from any mobile device with an internet connection. This means that you can carry your classes around comfortably in your pocket or bag.
  • There are no fixed schedules. Just as you do not have a fixed place to study, you also do not have a schedule which you are required to follow. This allows you to not only manage your schedule with more freedom but also to take advantage of the time spent in places like waiting rooms and public transport. It will be there anytime you want to learn a little more.
  • More economical. Because they do not have to maintain a physical building or a group of teachers, applications that teach languages can give you the same benefits as studying in an academy for much less money.




What’s better: Online or physical classes

We have already examined the advantages and disadvantages of studying English online.

In fact, you have seen that the things that are usually perceived as disadvantages in this teaching style are really a great asset for someone that knows how to take advantage of them.

Now the time has come for you to ask yourself what is the best way to start your English learning journey.



If you are one of those people who enjoys doing things on their own terms and choose the time and place that you dedicate to each activity in your life and are looking for methods that conform to your daily dynamics instead of having to do follow the established norms, we recommend that you start studying online.

If you have decided to venture into the world of modern learning and be part of the growing group of people who do so, we invite you to try the ABA English teaching method.

We have designed everything to allow you to get the most out of your studies with free video classes, online teachers accompanying you through every step, and short films that immerse you in everyday English.

You will have all of this while retaining the freedom to continue living your life and doing your favorite activities without being tied down by inflexible schedules or fixed classes.

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