Paragraph Connectors in English

The textual connectors are very useful for joining not only sentences but paragraphs as well. A paragraph is a subunit of a chapter and is usually delimited by a subtitle. A paragraph can also be the text formed by one or more sentences that is separated by the rest of the text from a graphic point of view, for example, by using a blank line.

In the case of the paragraphs, the use of the correct connectors makes the text coherent and harmonious while helping the reader understand the logical relationships that exist between one part and the next.

Now those same 40,000 words meant more than I had previously imagined, I began to feel the intoxication of complication. Not to mention the fascination of the abomination. I learned, in short, a new way to read. I’ve always been grateful. I’ve always adored this book. I have been chasing the same buzz ever since.

Yet part of that journey into understanding was also one into disillusionment and disquiet. (The Guardian)

Different types of connectors (linkers) are used according to the logical relationship they establish between one sentence and another. They can express contrast, cause, purpose, consequence, addition, and exemplification. In the following, we will present them to you, divided into categories.


The main connectors that indicate contrast are:

Despite / In spite of
Although / Even though
Nevertheless / Still / Yet
Even so
On the contrary
In contrast
On the one hand… on the other hand


To express cause, the main connectors are:

Seeing that
On account of
Due to


In order to / So as to
So that / In order that


Consequently / As a consequence / As a result / Therefore
As a consequence of
As a result of


Furthermore / In addition / Besides
What’s more
On top of that


For example / For instance

Other Connectors for Ordering Paragraphs

First Paragraph

At first sight
First of all
In the first place
To start with

Second Paragraph

In the second place
Second / Secondly


In conclusion
And finally

Introducing a Personal Opinion

As far as I am concerned
From my point of view
I agree
I disagree
In my opinion
I think that
It is true that
To be honest
To tell the truth


In other words
In short
Above all
At least
In general
In particular
More or less

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