How to make an appointment in English

Making, changing and cancelling appointments is a task many people have to do as part of their job.

Today we are going to have a look at some of the phrases and expressions you can use, and by the end of this post you will find two examples of arrangements being made over the phone.

How to make an appointment

Making an appointment can take a while if both you and the other person are busy and have a packed schedule.

How to ask for an appointment

The following sentences are ways to ask for an appointment:

Are you available on Monday? Are you available next Monday?

Are you free on Tuesday? Are you free next Tuesday?

How does the third sound to you?

Can we meet on Wednesday? Can we meet next Wednesday?

Would next Thursday be ok?

What about next Friday?

Is next Saturday ok?

How to confirm an appointment

Yes, Monday is fine.

Yes, Tuesday would be fine.

Wednesday suits me.

Thursday would be perfect.

Please confirm if this date and time is suitable / convenient for you.

Can you let me know if this is works for you?

How to say a time/date is not convenient

I’m afraid I can’t on Monday.

I’m sorry, I can’t on Tuesday.

I won’t be able to meet on Wednesday.

I really don’t think I can on Thursday.

How to cancel an appointment

Sometimes, things come up and we have to cancel a previous engagement or appointment. When this happens, the best thing you can do is apologise and find another time to meet:

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen business, I will be unable to keep our appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

Would it be possible to arrange another time later in the week?

I’m afraid that I have to cancel our meeting on Wednesday, as something unexpected has come up.

Would you be free to meet early next week?

Different Scenarios

Example of a phone conversation 1

– Hello! Can I speak to Dr. Merissa, please?

– I’m afraid she’s in a meeting, but I can leave her a message.

– I would like to arrange an appointment to see her.

– She is available tomorrow morning.

– I could make it at 11:30.

– I’m sorry, she’s busy at that time. Would 12 be ok?

– Excellent. I will see you tomorrow at 12 then!

– Goodbye!

Example of a phone conversation 2

– Good morning! I would like to speak to Jeremy, please.

– This is me.

– Hello, this is Lynn. I am calling from and would like to set up an interview with you.

– Ah yes. Let me look at my diary. When would be convenient for you?

– Anytime after lunch.

– How about Thursday? Does that work for you?

– I’m afraid I might be out of town on Thursday. How does Friday sound to you?

– Friday sounds great. Shall we meet here at four o’clock?

– See you then! Bye.

With this new information you are now equipped with useful sentences to make, change or cancel engagements and appointments.

I want to learn more English now!
I want to learn more English now!


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