Useful Study Techniques

Hey ABA family! Are you always trying to figure out what the best way to study is but never really sure what the answer is? Don’t panic! Today we are going to look at some ...

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Syllable Stress in Nouns and Verbs

Hey ABA family! Today we are going to concentrate on an important pronunciation topic: where we put the stress on words where the noun and verb have the same spelling. Podcast: Play in new window ...

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Gerunds- When and Why?

Hello ABA family! In English, one of the most common problems and often quite a tricky one for foreign language speakers learning English, is the use of the gerund. There are many rules which can ...

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English Language Day – Let’s Celebrate!

Hey ABA family! Happy English Language Day! Wait, what’s that you say? You didn’t know English Language Day existed…? It sure does! In 2010 the United Nations officially declared the 23rd April the day where this ...

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Grammar Constructions with “Wish”

Hello, ABA Community! How’s it going? How many times have you said to yourself “I wish I had studied English at school!” or “I wish I knew how to speak English well”? These sentences include ...

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Repeating Yourself in TOEFL Speaking

Hello everyone! Recently, I was reviewing a student’s recorded response to a TOEFL Independent Speaking task. The question prompt asked for a spoken opinion about cell phones. While talking about mobile technology, the student mispronounced ...

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