Repeating Yourself in TOEFL Speaking

Hello everyone! Recently, I was reviewing a student’s recorded response to a TOEFL Independent Speaking task. The question prompt asked for a spoken opinion about cell phones. While talking about mobile technology, the student mispronounced ...

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American Accent Tips

Hi everyone! Now that you’ve read our post on British accents, we want to teach you how to improve your American accent. American accents vary greatly depending on the state/region. A person from Minnesota will ...

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How and When to Use Indirect Questions

Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to look at indirect questions. There are two main ways of asking questions in English: directly and indirectly. Both have the same meaning. However, we use indirect questions when we want to ...

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How to Begin and End an Email in English

Hello, students! We hope you’re all well! Which is the best way for us to greet you: “Hello, students!”, “Hi, students!” or “Dear students”? Whether you’re writing to friends, colleagues or to a potential business partner, your ...

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How to Use Sentence Variety in Your TOEFL Essays

Hello there! The official TOEFL Writing rubrics talk about the importance of writing “coherently and accurately,” and avoiding “inaccuracy, vagueness, or imprecision.” They also mention the importance of using “syntactic variety” and “a range of vocabulary.” All ...

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