Successful Negotiation in English

One fundamental skill to have in the world of business and other environments is certainly negotiation. In our global and intercultural world, considerable adaptation skills, diplomacy, conversational skills, and a good dose of cold blood ...

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English Vocabulary – Spring

Hello! Remember we wrote a post about autumn vocabulary? Well, here is a post dedicated to the beauty of spring! Spring Vocabulary Awakening – an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something. Barefoot ...

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Verbs of the senses

Verbs of the senses in English

We use our senses on a daily basis, so it’s of great importance that we know how to use the verbs to describe them correctly in English. In today’s post, we are going to look ...

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Take care of yourself!

Hi YOU! We were looking for you today. Yes, you. We have a very important message: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! When the seasons change, we often get sick. But to continue working and learning, it ...

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Intermediate Grammar – Must, To have to

привет! (that’s “Hello” in Russian). The following lesson is for intermediate students. If you are not sure of your English level, take our test! You can find all this information, plus speaking, writing, vocabulary exercises and ...

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