Six Situations in Which You Could Study English Without an Internet Connection

Julie has been studying English with ABA English for several months now. Her improvement is really remarkable. In every situation – from encouraging experiences at work to nice evenings out with her English friends – she has been able to express herself correctly with the right words. Now that she has become an ABA Premium member, she always has access all of the 144 didactic units and has received fantastic help from Teacher Robin, who helped her prepare herself for many important occasions. She has already received several certificates from American and British academies and is considering getting an official certificate.

English has become her passion and a part of her daily life, especially since she started using the app, which is available to premium members. Now she can study anywhere, even without an internet connection. Let’s look at six situations in which you, just like Julie, could decide to study English using the app.

On a Plane

“Fasten your seat belts! Turn off any mobile devices or switch them to airplane mode.” How many times have you heard this announcement and have found yourself forced to interrupt an interesting activity, such as watching a movie, doing some homework, or simply chatting with a friend? Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to the many apps that work in offline mode, it is possible to watch movies, play games, or work without any need for an internet connection. Julie, for example, has been able to study English during her flight to London without any trouble. In only two and a half hours, she has managed to finish a whole didactic unit. What is a didactic unit? You start with an ABA movie based on a real-life situation. Immediately after, there is a comprehension activity about the different characters from the short film. Then there is a video lesson on grammar. Finally, you have some exercises to complete.

This method is really ideal because it allows you to learn without realizing it and, most importantly, without annoying interruptions.

On the Tube

Once in London, Julie is also relieved by the fact that she does not have to stop studying just because she is travelling on the metro. As soon as the metro leaves Clapham Junction or any other station, the phones no longer have service, but she has her app. This is how, other than watching the movies, she can comfortably watch a video lesson. Grammar has always been boring for her, but here the grammar rules they explain are all directly connected with the movie from the same didactic unit. This makes everything much easier, much more interesting, and much easier to remember. Actually, this allows her learning skills to improve because it combines the ability to communicate with the method and accuracy. How great! The 20 minutes on the tube have been just enough for her to learn the reflexive verbs!

On a Ferry

Another situation where you can use the app to study is on a journey by ferry. Julie, for example, completed some exercises during her trip on the Thames, because she cannot just sit back and do nothing. She did not forget to enjoy the beautiful views, obviously!

In an Individual Study Room

Sometimes Julie goes to an individual study room in order to be able to concentrate and study without any distractions. But there is no internet connection because the room is in an underground level of an old building. Here, like many other students, she uses the app to review her lessons as well as to learn something new.

In the Andes

Yes, you read that right. Another place where you could use the offline app is in an extreme location, such as the Andes. If you have a passion for field trips like Julie or you love spending weeks camping, then you really need to equip yourself properly. What happens if you need to communicate with your guide in English and have no internet connection? With the app, you can find the words you need without any trouble.

On Holiday

Let’s be honest, you do not need to do much to have problems with your internet connection! There are places near us as well where internet might be available, but with a bad connection. In all of these cases, instead of stressing out while the connection comes and goes, mourning the lack of fibre optic cable, you can relax by using an app like ABA English. Julie knows a thing or two about this. Her holiday on the Greek islands with Leonard went great, not only because roaming charges were abolished, but most of all because she did not miss her internet connection from home at all. After all, she would only connect to answer her friends on WhatsApp!

Are You Thinking About Downloading the App?

If your life is as hectic as Julie and Leonard’s, you too should consider becoming a premium student at ABA English. You will have the chance to learn English with an innovative and intuitive method, without sacrificing your daily tasks or appointments. In addition to the complete course, you will have your own private teacher who will guide you with their advice and targeted suggestions based on your progress.

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