What to Say in English in Dangerous Situations

When travelling abroad, you could find yourself feeling unsafe or in danger. Curiosity can lead us to unsafe places in a city, or we could come across odd-looking people with a rather shady appearance. And what do you say if the bill you have just been given at a restaurant is too high compared to what you were expecting?

In these kinds of situations, as well as in many more, it is important to know how to speak either the local language or at least English, which considered the lingua franca for communication abroad. That is why we have decided offer you this little life-saving phrase book, in order to help with some of the situations you might face while on holiday.

If your neighbour at the bar is annoying you

Imagine you are sitting in a bar, sipping your cocktail while watching the sea. Suddenly the person at the table next to you starts giving you unwanted attention. While the best option is to get out of there, if you want to finish your drink in peace before leaving, then you could say:

Thank you for your attention, but I would prefer to be alone.

Excuse me, could you leave me alone, please?

Thank you, but I do not need any company. I have an appointment soon.

Thank you, but I do not need any company. I am not alone.

Look, if you do not leave me alone, I’ll call security.

If you do not stop bothering me, I’ll call the police!

If you realize that the bill is way too high

Unfortunately, you might receive an odd surprise when the moment to pay the bill arrives. Sometimes a rushing waiter may make a mistake or maybe someone wants to take advantage of a naive stranger. Here is what you could say:

Could you explain why I have to pay this amount?

According to my calculations, the bill should be different. Could you show me your calculations?

Excuse me, there has been a mistake!

I believe there is a mistake here.

At the train station late in the afternoon

Train stations are the places for the soul, places for goodbyes and hellos, of departures to remote destinations and the daily bustle of commuters. Unfortunately, they might also attract undesirable people. If you run into someone with a shady look, you could say:

Thank you, but I do not need anything.

I’m sorry, but I have no money.

I’m not interested, thank you.

Please stop touching me or I will call the police.

Please stop bothering me or I will call the police.

Ready to Leave?

These are only some of the emergency sentences that could come in handy. If you are preparing for a journey abroad, the best thing to do is to think ahead and improve your English. Then you will know what to say in any situation, even in the most dangerous ones. In order to learn English quickly and effectively, you could choose an online course. ABA English offers 144 video classes, short videos, and grammar schemes in order to learn quickly through a method that is natural and intuitive. What are you waiting for?

OK, I’ll try the course!
OK, I’ll download the app!

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