How to Choose a Babysitter in English

One of the most delicate and important moments for a parent is the choosing of a babysitter. How do you find a reliable person who can take care of your child in the best possible way? You usually look for someone who has experience, is balanced, loves children, and knows how to be firm at the same time.

What are the correct questions to ask during an interview? And what instructions are important to share during your first meeting? Let’s find the answers.

The Candidate’s Expectations

First of all, make sure that the candidate’s expectations are compatible with yours. So, you should ask questions about the type of work that they are looking for and the salary they expect.


Would you be willing to work weekends?

How much did you earn at your former job?

Why did you leave your previous job?

Their Relationship with Children

Once you have established that the candidate meets your practical needs, it is time pass on to the next step: their personality and professionalism. What is your relationship with children? Will you be able to be nice and enforce the rules at the same time? Are you a balanced person? Do you have enough experience will children?

It is also useful to ask questions about their family life. For example, if you are a person that grew up in a large family, you will surely have had more opportunities to develop valuable qualities such as tolerance and patience. Also, if you have younger siblings you will surely have experience with children, even as a first-time babysitter.


Tell me about yourself and your family. Do you come from a big family? Do you have many brothers and sisters?

Why did you choose to be a babysitter? How long have you been doing this job?

Which age groups do you work with most often?

Which activities do you like to do with children?

What do you do if a child throws tantrums?

What is the most important quality for a babysitter to have?

The Instructions

Once you have chosen the right person, it will be the time to share the necessary information so that they feel comfortable from the first moment. This is so the babysitter will know how to behave in case of emergencies. This peace of mind will also reflect positively on the child. Therefore, it is important that you write down all of the necessary information that you will need to share with the babysitter, everything from the characteristics of your home to their favourite games. Below are some things you should include on this useful list:

  • Contacts in case of an emergency when you cannot be reached.
  • Any allergies or foods that you prefer for the child not to eat.
  • Possible risks present in the home (plugs, balconies, dangerous appliances, etc.)
  • Rules to follow (For example: no – videogames, yes – read fairy tales).
  • The child’s preferences (For example: they love to play with Legos)
  • The child’s weekly schedule (For example: pool, homework time)


These are the phone numbers to call in case I cannot be found.

John is allergic to hazelnuts.

Pay close attention to the sockets.

Be careful with the washing machine. He loves to open the door during washing!

Only allow him to play video games for an hour each day.

John loves sweets, so it is better to avoid snacks. For his snack I prefer to give him some fruit.

I do not want him to sit too close to the TV.

If he cries and does not want to sleep, give him the teddy bear that is on the bedside table.

His afternoon nap should begin at 2:30 and last about an hour.

These are some tips for finding the perfect babysitter in English. If you want your child to learn English, why not begin by setting an example? Many choose an online course because it guarantees that material is precise as well as flexible and adaptable to your schedule and rhythm as a parent. Why not try ABA English? They offer 144 free video lessons and interesting short films to learn English naturally.

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