Health-Related Vocabulary in English to Use on Holiday

Of course, summer is sweet, but it also brings with it some inevitable inconveniences, especially if we decide to spend our holidays next to the sea or in the mountains. Temperatures rise and with this comes a proliferation of pesky insects such as mosquitoes. Swimming in the crystal-clear seas of the Caribbean can end in unpleasant encounters with jellyfish or poisonous algae. Not to mention what can happen in the desert or the other extreme places where many love to go! If you do not take all of the necessary precautions, you can end up suffering from intestinal problems, burns, dehydration, etc.

The list of holiday setbacks that can occur may be endless, but this is not a first aid guide. Rather this is a small guide about how to interact with medical personnel or pharmacies abroad. Are you ready to travel through our list of summer illnesses in English?


Allergy Food poisoning
Altitude sickness Fungus
Asthma Stomach ache
Bruise Sunburn
Constipation Swelling
Dehydration Ward
Diarrhea Pulse
Dizziness Injection
Earache Sunstroke
Eczema Swollen

Phrases You May Need to Use


I have a swelling in my leg. I think I was touched by a jellyfish.

Let me take a look.

Yes, you’re right. Apply this cream to the affected area three times a day after washing it well.


This morning at the beach I got a lot of sun. Now I have a headache and feel dizzy.

First, we need to take your temperature.

Yes, it’s sunstroke. Avoid going to the beach, drink a lot of liquids, and apply fresh compresses. Take paracetamol to lower the fever. Come back tomorrow. I want to see you again.


Good morning, I have a bad sunburn. What can I do?

Apply this cream and avoid sunbathing.


Good morning, I have a dry mouth, a headache, and drowsiness. I went for a long hike in the sun, but I wore a hat.

It is dehydration. Did you drink during the walk?

No, I didn’t.

So, it is dehydration. The only remedy is to replenish your liquids. Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated or sweetened drinks.


Hi, I have diarrhea. What can I do?

How long have you had it for?

Since yesterday evening.

Take these tablets three times a day between meals.

Fungal Infection

I have a strong itch on the sole of my foot.

Let me see.

It is a fungal infection. Apply this cream on the affected area in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep. Avoid walking for 15 minutes after applying the cream.

Are You Ready For Your Summer Holiday?

We really hope that you do not need to use any of these phrases during your holidays. It is, however, important to protect yourself and to know the health-related words and phrases. If you still have any questions, write a comment in the space at the bottom of the page and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, have you ever thought about taking an online English course in order to prepare yourself for an unforgettable holiday? ABA English offers 144 video classes and an equal number of short films as well as qualified teachers that are always available to clear up your doubts. What are you waiting for? Get ready for your summer holiday today!

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