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Grammar Video Classes for Free

Each unit of our course includes a videoclass - a video lesson taught by one of our ABA teachers which covers the grammar you saw in the ABA Film at the start of the unit.

The video classes are an essential educational resource which will help you to understand the content of the English course units. They are a useful and complete tool which you will be able to use whenever you need, to understand the grammar better and revise what you have learnt.

Each unit has a corresponding video class: our team of teachers will offer you an easy and entertaining explanation of English grammar, starting with basic things and gradually getting to the most complex things.

You can watch these videoclasses with subtitles in your own language, in English, or without subtitles when you are able to understand them completely.

Would you like to watch one? Here is teacher Ella, explaining the conditional and how to use it with the present:

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