How to Flirt in English

Courtship is an authentic art. There are innumerable articles and pages of books dedicated to the secrets of seduction. But, is it really necessary to study and to prepare yourself in order to learn the oldest art in history? Many believe that the best recipe is simply to be oneself, natural and honest.

If the person we are attracted to does not speak the same language as us, everything gets more complicated. The anxiety that usually assaults us when expressing ourselves in a language that is not our own can increase to the point of preventing us from taking the first step. We could find ourselves asking, “What if I make grammatical errors? What will they think of my accent? Will I be able to speak fluently and naturally?”

Do not panic! Even in this case, what seems like a weakness could become a strength. What really matters is your attitude! So take a deep breath and find the courage within you. But first, check out our tips and some phrases that you could use to break the ice or to ask someone out on a date.

The Key Words for Courtship

While it is true that there is no universal recipe that suits every situation, it is important to observe some general rules that are valid for any human relationship but which could be forgotten when we find ourselves under pressure. Take them into account before any action and remember: each person is different. Once the conversation has begun, you yourself will be able to find the correct words and arguments for the situation.


People are very attentive to body language. If you are a bit agitated but try to flaunt your confidence, your body language will send opposite signals that will make you look a bit clumsy. To break the ice and start a conversation, begin with general topics such as the weather, the evening, your home country, or current events.


Nothing is more powerful than a laugh to bring people closer together and to create mutual understanding. Do not take yourself too seriously and everything will turn out well. At the same time, do not exaggerate and remember that when you speak in a foreign language, you risk speaking nonsense.


Do not exaggerate your praise or your pride. After all, they will already have understood your interest and it will not take long for them to detect any inconsistency in the image you wish to project of yourself. Be honest. Why not? Tell them what you like about him or her.

Eye Contact

In all human relationships, eye contact is a sign of sincerity and self-assurance. Do not be afraid to look the object of your interest in the eye.

Phrases to Propose Something or to Declare Your Feelings

We know that courtship involves many phases, beginning with the first timid approach up to that fateful moment in which you openly express your feelings. Prepare yourself well and you will have an unforgettable evening whether you have opted for a romantic movie or a walk downtown, whether it is the first date or the time to say how you really feel.

Do you use (Facebook/Instagram)?

Are you on (Facebook/Twitter)?

I’d love to grab your number. Maybe we could get something to drink sometime.

I know this is a little forward, but I would love to get your number and see you again.

I’ve been thinking that we should go for dinner sometime.

I can’t stop thinking about you. We should go out and see if this is something more.

So, I have a question. There’s this nice girl that I recently had fun talking to. Should I ask her out on a date or would that be too direct?

Hey! I know an amazing place where we can get a cup of coffee. What are your plans this coming Friday?

We are meant for each other.

I’m falling for you.

I’d like for us to get together.

If you have not yet found your better half within your social circle, you might be considering looking for your perfect match on dating apps. You never know, a complete and authentic profile could attract the love of your life.

Now you know the phrases to fall in love with someone in English. The best thing you can do is learn to speak English fluently and naturally and to be able to have a conversation without the fear of making mistakes. If you do not have much time, why not choose an online English course? ABA English offers 144 free video classes and the same number of short films that will prepare you to speak English in a short time and with minimal daily effort. What are you waiting for?test

OK, I want to try the course!
OK, I am going to download the app!

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