Phrasal Verbs to Talk About Education

English is now essential in fields of study and in education, not only if you have decided to study abroad or to participate in a cultural exchange program but also in relation to your studies in your country of origin. In fact, more and more faculties are offering complete courses in English in their study programs, regardless of the chosen profession.

English is also essential to communicate with the many foreign students who visit our universities each year and with whom it can be really stimulating to have a conversation.

You surely already know the importance of phrasal verbs for communication in English. The more you know, the richer and more varied your vocabulary will be. To help you, we have decided to provide you with a very useful list of the phrasal verbs related to study and education to enrich your vocabulary and to encourage you to break the ice.

To Talk About a Study Topic

Do you want to ask someone if they are really interested in the study of anthropology? Then use the phrasal verb be into.

Are you into anthropology?

Do you want to tell someone that you have started taking history classes? Then you must know the verb take up.

I have taken up history lessons.

Have you fallen a bit behind in the last semester? Then your verb is catch up.

This semester has been quite tough. I have not been able to catch up with my exams.

Have you noticed that your results are lower than those of other students? Then your verb is fall behind.

I am falling behind my classmates.

Would you like to congratulate someone on their progress in Spanish? Then the correct verb is get ahead.

You are really getting ahead with your Spanish.

Do you want to talk about your chemistry teacher? Then you will use the verb study under.

In my biology course, I study under Professor Celetti.

Study Methods

Go over (check)

Let’s go over our work before we hand it in.

Go over (review)

I need to go over lesson 5 before the exam.

Read up (research)

I need to read up on the condition of African Americans in the 17th century.

Copy out (copy)

Mary will copy out the formulas from the book.


Hand in (deliver)

We are going to hand our work in on January 6.

Sum up (summarize)

I will sum up all of the work.

Carry out (complete)

You always carry out the tasks you are required to do.

Stay behind (remain)

Someone has to stay behind to finish the work.


Hand out (distribute)

The professor handed out some books for the final exam.

Sign up (register)

Did you sign up for the English exam?

Fill in (complete)

You need to fill in the form to sign up for the exam.

Stop Studying

Get on (move forward with)

He just wants to get on with the course.

Drop out (abandon)

Mary dropped out of university after just one semester.

Put off (delay)

I am thinking about putting off my studies as I need to work.

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