Popular English chat up lines

Have you ever tried to chat-up a native English speaker and not had much luck? Perhaps you are thinking of making the move to an English speaking country and would like to continue dating but it’s a scary thing, to ask someone out in a language you are not confident in. Today’s post is going to teach you some of the most popular chat up lines in English so that you can try to woo your potential date.

What are the most popular chat-up lines?

I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away.

Many chat-up lines are quite cheesy, it’s true, but they are also worth their weight in comedic gold. In this example we see the structure of a good pun: a sentence that it both metaphorical and literal: the expression “to take someone’s breath away” in a metaphorical sense means to leave them shocked in a good way. Literally it would mean that they can’t breathe, hence having to give them CPR. This is a good one if there are any medical staff around.

I appear to have lost my number, can I borrow yours?

Another classic making use of word play. By indicating we have lost our number, it makes sense to borrow another person’s. Of course, we can’t borrow someone’s number, we are simply asking them on a date. Because this chat up line is so cheesy, it’s most likely to win you a smile. Who can resist a sweet joke?

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put “you” and “I” together

Of course, what we mean is that we want to place the “u” and the “i” together on the alphabet. It is important to bear in mind that “you” and “I” are the first person singular and second person singular personal pronouns in English and thus implies the two becoming a pair.

While these chat up lines are very cheesy (this is an adjective used to describe a word which makes you almost feel embarrassed), they can also accomplish their goal as long as they are delivered with charm and good timing.

What are the traditional ways to speak to someone that you are interested in?

Generally, people use the simplest conversation starters to get someone’s attention as they are most likely too embarrassed to try one of the old-fashioned chat-up lines. General conversation starters would be speaking to someone about how they are feeling, where they are from or  just straight up asking them if you can buy them a drink.


Hey, excuse me, can I buy you a drink?

Hey, do I know you? I feel like I have seen you round here before…

Excuse me, have we met before because I really feel like I know you?

If these examples strike you as too subtle and you are full to the brim with confidence, then just go ahead and be forward:


Hey, would you like to go for dinner with me next week?

What’s up? Could I have your number and we can go for a drink one day?

Would you like to come round to my house for coffee next week?

Try them out now!

If you feel like maybe until now that you haven’t been having much luck meeting a lot of people, then this could be your chance. Remember to memorise what you have learnt and go for it by being yourself. If you ever need great information about daily life in the English speaking world, then checkout more posts on our blog and sign up as a free ABA student to keep learning more English.


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