The English You Need to Create Your Dating Application Profile

Are you tired of waiting for the arrival of your soulmate in vain? After many attempts, you may begin to doubt that you can find someone in your social circles. Or do you just want to meet people from other countries and cultures, perhaps considering the possibility of falling in love and packing up to go live in Honolulu or Wales?

In that case, you should think about signing up for a dating application in English, where you will have the opportunity to find your soulmate without limiting yourself to your language or your country. Are you ready to expand your horizons? Then keep reading.

Your Profile

The two essential elements to be shared on a dating app are, without a doubt, the photo and the description of yourself. Women, above all, read the profiles of potential suitors with great attention and do not get in touch with men who seem trivial or uninteresting.

So, let’s see some suggestions about what to include in your description of yourself as well as some practical examples.

  • Be concise.
    It is necessary to be concise and transmit, in just a few lines, a faithful and captivating idea of oneself.
  • Be honest.
    Speak sincerely about your strengths without exaggerating or bragging. Do not lie! It is true that whoever reads your profile does not have to verify the truth of what you have written, but it is better to be contacted by a person who is interested in who you really are rather than think that they are talking with someone that does not exist.
  • Write practical examples.
    Instead of making a list of adjectives, provide practical examples for each characteristic that you attribute to yourself. For example, if you say that you are adventurous, add a practical example of one of your exciting experiences.
  • Do not just say what, but also why.
    Do not limit yourself to saying what you like to do, but also explain why you like it. This will allow you to say a little more about yourself and your personality.
  • Do not be negative.
    Avoid mentioning things that you do not like and what you cannot do, unless it is as a joke or a play on words. At the same time, do not write what you are not looking for in a relationship or do not expect from the other person. Instead, always be positive.
  • Do not forget humour.
    Especially if you’re a man, try to use humour. Women love dry humour. They find it fun and smart. There is nothing sexier than a good laugh!
  • Connect with your readers.
    End your description with something attractive, like, for example, a question that invites the reader to respond and talk about themselves.


Hi, my name is Tim. I’m a scientist and I have been pursuing this career for about 20 years with great success. For me, science is not just a job, but part of my life. I love healthy food and I love cooking delicious vegetarian dishes like salads and hummus. In my spare time, I drag my friends out for scenic bike rides or mountain walks. If you love nature and walks like I do, contact me. I’m currently organising a day of trekking on the Dolomites. Will you join us?

How to Contact Someone

What happens if you look at someone’s profile and find it interesting? Do not hesitate to contact them. Follow these tips to write the perfect message!

  • Introduce yourself.
    Do not forget to say hello and introduce yourself by name. This may seem obvious, but it is not!
  • Comment on their profile.
    Instead of commenting on their physical appearance, refer to what you have read about their personality, perhaps a quality or hobby that you value and would like to share with them. This will give them the impression that your interest is genuine.
  • Ask a question.
    The reason why you are commenting on someone’s profile is that you want to know them better and to initiate contact. Asking a question is a good way to wait for an answer and encourage the other to communicate with you!
  • Be kind, but direct.
    Why not mention that from what you’ve read you think that you like him or her? After all, this is an application designed to help people get to know each other and this is the reason why you registered, so do not get caught up in expressing your interest in a polite or friendly way.


Hi, this is Julia. How are you doing?

I can see you are a good reader. The last book I read was “Wuthering Heights.” I just finished it last night. I found it absolutely amazing! Do you have any books to recommend to me?

I’m interested in learning more about you.

I think we would make a great pair.

If you follow the suggestions in this article, you will be prepared to write a good profile and to contact someone whose profile you like. If you do not want your soulmate to get away, make sure that you do not make mistakes with your English. Why not try the English course at ABA English? With our 144 free video classes, short films, grammar sections, and native teachers, you will be 100% ready for the date of your life!

OK, I want to try the course!
OK, I am going to download the app!

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