Successful Negotiation in English

One fundamental skill to have in the world of business and other environments is certainly negotiation. In our global and intercultural world, considerable adaptation skills, diplomacy, conversational skills, and a good dose of cold blood ...

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1-1 Understanding Homophones

Episode #9: Easy Homophones | ABA on Air

English can be a challenge sometimes which is why it is important to ensure we always study when we can.  In this podcast we will talk about what “homophones” are. Listen to the podcast for a clear explanation ...

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How to order a beer in a British pub

In many countries around the world, the word “beer” refers to the type of alcoholic beverage associated with brands like Budweiser and Heineken. However, in the United Kingdom the term “beer” is very ambiguous and ...

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3-1 Vocabulary of the Seasons

Episode #5: The Seasons | ABA on Air

In this episode we are going to be concentrating on new vocabulary. Included in this we will learn words related to the seasons in English and find out which adjectives match which seasons. Listen to ...

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