5 Key Tips Before You Go on Erasmus

As a European student, whether you study a foreign language or not, going abroad for Erasmus will most likely be highlight of your university degree. Erasmus isn’t a walk in the park however and requires a lot of preparation. This article aims to show you how best to before you take that leap into the unknown world of Erasmus.

Erasmus is an amazing experience and one we highly recommend: you get to discover a new culture, a brand new environment, make lifelong friends and push yourself out of your comfort zone. So let’s have a look at what we can do to ensure you get the most of out this incredible opportunity.

  1. Sort out your living arrangements in advance

When going abroad for Erasmus, one of the most stressful aspects of the entire year can be encountered at the very start and that is the hunt for a room in a shared apartment (or your own apartment if you are lucky enough to be able to afford one). Upon moving anywhere in Europe, getting accommodation can keep you up at night since the competition to find a place to call home during their time abroad can be fierce.

What do we recommend to alleviate the stress?

If you are fortunate enough to be able to visit your Erasmus city a few weeks or a month in advance to sort out accommodation, this will really save you a lot of hassle when you finally arrive. It will also give you plenty of time to search for the right apartment and connect with flatmates you’ll enjoy living with. Then, when you fly in at the start of the year, you will be focused on your course load and not on finding somewhere to lay down your head at night. You’ll thank your lucky stars you did this, we guarantee it!

  1. Paperwork? Sort it out before you go

If you are planning to work during your Erasmus year abroad and have to get a social insurance number or the equivalent to a work permit, we highly recommend sorting it out in advanced when you are apartment-hunting. There is nothing worse than bureaucracy. Add to that the nerves of studying abroad and being in a foreign country… it’s not work the worry.

What pressure will this save you?

Due to red tape, many European countries can have what seems to be an endless trail of paperwork and regulations to obtain a social insurance number so, the sooner you start it, the sooner you will be finished it. So, get a head start on your application for any legal documents and when you begin your studies your process should be well on the way.

  1. Don’t expect it to be like home… It won’t be!

More often than not when people go away for their Erasmus academic year abroad, they think that it is going to be the same or very similar to home, but it is not. It is of the absolute utmost importance that you prepare yourself for a culture shock before you go. When we say “culture shock”, what do we mean exactly? Well, not only will the native language of the country be different in most cases, but so will the traditions and food. It’s important to mentally prepare yourself for this before you go away, especially if you are not good at adapting to change. By doing this, we are sure you will be able to face anything Erasmus throws at you and take it in your stride.

  1. Be prepared to talk English…

When students from all over Europe go on their Erasmus year, irrespective of location, many may not speak the language of the country that they have chosen to go to. Keeping this in mind, what is the language that most people have in common? English.

If you are from Hungary for example, and you choose to do your Erasmus year in Madrid although you don’t speak Spanish, the language you are most likely to communicate in with your fellow students and other Erasmus people is English. So although learning English might not be top of the list while you prepare to leave, it’s important to remember that English will go a very long way in making friends from different places.

  1. Plan your finances

If you plan on spending 2 complete Erasmus semesters away studying in a different part of Europe for an academic year, we recommend you budget for it.

Why is budgeting so important?

If you’re only going to study on Erasmus, instead of also working, you will have to calculate how much you can spend so that the end of the month isn’t tight. We are aware this sounds like common sense, but it’s easy to get carried away with the socializing that comes as a bonus to studying abroad.

Think of the activities you’d like to participate in with your fellow university pals and decide how much money you can allocate to each one. By doing this, you will not only guarantee that you will be able to take part, but also that by the 21st of the month you are not on rice and beans. Again.

Now go and enjoy the best experience of your life!

The preparation for Erasmus is hard work but something that is necessary to ensure you are as well prepared for the experience as you can be before you go. If you prepare well you will undoubtedly have one of the best experiences of your life.

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