How to use “such” – SayWhat?! Episode 5

Every week English students from around the world send us their questions with #saywhatABA and ABA teacher Brandon answers them.

Watch the video to hear all the questions and answers.

Question 1 – How to use such

Such + Adjective + Noun = expresses quantity.

Such + Noun = this type of / that type of

Question 2 – How to use linking verbs

True linking verbs: be, become and seem

Verbs that can be linking verbs or not: appear, feel, grow, look, prove, remain, smell, sound and taste.

Question 3 – Difference between still, keep and stay

Question 4 – It’s nice weather or it is a nice weather

Do you have any vocabulary questions? Are you unsure about a specific grammar lesson? Maybe you want to learn tricks on how to study more efficiently?

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