Intermediate Grammar – Possessive pronouns

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You can find all this information, plus speaking, writing, vocabulary exercises and more on the ABA English Course Unit 33 – The househusband.

Do you remember last week we looked at possessive adjectives? That’s a great post to read before starting to understand possessive pronouns.

Possessive pronouns vs. Possessive adjectives

The possessive pronouns are: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours and theirs.

First of all, let’s compare possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives, this will help us understand how each one works.

Possessive Adjectives

It’s my car

It’s your car

It’s his car

It’s her car

It’s our car

It’s your car

It’s their car

Possessive Pronouns

It’s mine

It’s yours

It’s his

It’s hers

It’s ours

It’s yours

It’s theirs

As you can see, the possessive adjectives are always used before the noun they refer to and the possessive pronouns are used alone. They stand for both the possessive adjective and noun, when we know what we are talking about.

Except in the cases of “mine” and “his”, all the pronouns add an -s to the possessive adjective.

Unit 33 – The househusband

Well done! You just revised the grammar from Unit 33!

In Unit 33 – The househusband, you will meet Paul and James. Find out why Paul loves being a house husband!

By watching ABA Films, you will practice your listening comprehension. Record your voice and compare phrases to improve your pronunciation and gain fluency by interpreting different roles. You will also learn new vocabulary and review the unit’s grammar lesson.

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