The ABA Book Club Reviews – Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott

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At the ABA Book Club, each month we review and recommend a great book for you to practice reading in English.

Today, the ABA Book Club will be reviewing something a little different: a poetry book. Do you like poetry? Let us know! The book we are reviewing is Tyler Knott’s Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series.

Tyler Knott is a poet, author, professional photographer, and artist who lives in the mountains of Montana, in North America. When he is not writing, he runs a photography business.

Reading Level Advanced
Genre Poetry
Length (pages) 144
Original Date of Publishing 2014


One day, Tyler Knott was in an antique store in his hometown when he came across a vintage typewriter for sale. Without thinking, he put a page of the book he was planning to buy in the typewriter and typed a short poem. This is how the book started: during the next three years, Knott wrote over 1000 poems and haikus on small pieces of paper, such as receipts.

Chasers of the Light is a compilation of these poems. They are insightful and beautifully written. In fact, the Book Dilettante review says “I would give this book to anyone I’d like to convince to start reading poetry.”

Here is one of Knott’s beautiful poems:

We have time to take,
there are hours and days unitl
There is warmth left
and still light to bathe in.
We do not yet need to fear
the cold.

Isn’t that lovely? Such simplicity in his work, and such depth. A great book to show the world that poetry is not dead.


Antique – belonging to an earlier period, style, or fashion : old and often valuable.

Vintage – used to describe a wine usually of high quality that was produced in a particular year which is identified on the bottle.

Haikus – a Japanese form of poetry or a poem written in this form.

Receipts – a piece of paper on which the things that you buy or the services that you pay for are listed with the total amount paid and the prices for each.

Insightful – having or showing a very clear understanding of something : having or showing insight.

Warmth – the quality or state of being warm in temperature. Also, the quality or state of being kind or friendly.

Depth – a distance below a surface.


To read more reviews and find out where to buy this book, if you think you’d enjoy reading it, visit Goodreads.

Chasers of the Light

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