Successful Negotiation in English

One fundamental skill to have in the world of business and other environments is certainly negotiation. In our global and intercultural world, considerable adaptation skills, diplomacy, conversational skills, and a good dose of cold blood ...

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Beginner Vocabulary – Say or Tell?

Good morning! Today we are going to remember the difference between say and tell. So how do you know when to use them? It’s easy: You say something to someone You tell someone something Say ...

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How to Sit Correctly

Hello! You’re studying in front of your laptops and computers, but do you remember how to sit correctly? This post is for all you who are studying an Online English Course like ABA English. Here’s ...

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Learning with Songs: Last Friday Night

Good morning from a very, very rainy Barcelona! What’s the weather like in your city right now? Whether it’s cold or hot, raining or the sun is shining, it’s Friday! The weekend is finally here. ...

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