Reading Comprehension: What to do at Christmas?


Today we have a super fun arts and crafts post. If you don’t know what to do this Christmas, try making felt trees. Very festive and great for a present.


4 cardboard cones (can get three different sizes and just do three, super cute)
6-7, 11×17″ pieces of felt in desired colors (or the size that comes pre-cut)
4 bells in gold, silver, red, and green
fabric scissors
hot glue gun with glue


  • On a piece of felt begin drawing circles with a marker, or free hand it. Cut out many circles of desired sizes for one of your cones. Begin gluing circles to cone. I found it easier to put glue on the cardboard instead of the felt to prevent burning myself.
  • Pick another color of felt and cut a long rectangle with many small slits, leaving some space at the top to glue to cone. Repeat with other small strips of felt of same or another color, to ensure the entire cone is covered. Hot glue the strips to the cone close together so the tree looks full and fluffy. The closer together the slits, the more fluffy it will look.
  • Choose a third color of felt, or array of colors for the third tree. I chose blues to make it look icy. You can either cut long wavy strips or scallops. Either is super cute. Glue to third cone.
  • Once all cones are covered with felt, top with a cute colored bell.


Cones – a shape that has a pointed top and sides that form a circle at the bottom.

Fabric – woven or knitted material.

Felt – a soft, heavy cloth made by pressing together fibers of wool, cotton, or other materials.

Slits – a long, narrow cut or opening in something.

Wavy – having the curving shape of a wave or of many waves.

Strips – a long, narrow piece of something.

Scallops – a type of shellfish that has a flat, round shell with two parts and that is often eaten as food.

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