5 Types of Redundancies to Avoid

How are you today? You know the expression “more is less”? Well, this is certainly true when it comes to writing.  The simpler and clearer we write, the easier it is for others to understand ...

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Get inspired by Rumi

Hi! Do you know who Rumi is? He is a a 13th-century Persian poet, theologian and Sufi mystic. Despite being Persian, he has been described as “America’s most popular poet” and his poems have been ...

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English Vocabulary – 5 Funny Idioms

Welcome to another vocabulary lesson! As you know by now, idioms are expressions that cannot be understood from the meanings of its separate words. Well, this English vocabulary class is all about idioms that are ...

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What score do I need on the TOEFL?

Néih hóu ma? (that’s “How are you?” in Cantonese). If you’re an international student applying to the U.S., you’ve probably asked yourself this question: what TOEFL score do I need to get in? You might ...

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Prepositions after adjectives ABA English

English Vocabulary – Say or Tell?

Hello everyone! It’s one of the questions our students ask us the most: “when do I use say and when do I use tell?” so we thought we’d remind you again of the differences between ...

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