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Reading Comprehension – Halloween Story and Vocabulary

With Halloween just around the corner it’s a great time to learn some vocabulary used during this fun day.

Halloween is a great time of year for everybody. The holiday itself is on the 31st every year and is a fun time for families and friends. During Halloween people enjoy getting dressed up in scary costumes like witches or goblins. People also decorate their houses by hanging up pictures of ghouls and ghosts and people enjoy making Jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins which they leave out on the porch or on the windowsill.

For the kids it’s really fun. They get to go house to house and trick or treat, where they can get given lots of candy. Often Halloween is celebrated in a neighbourhood or town and there is a fair for people to attend. They have loads of fun activities like bobbing for apples and scary ghost stories around a bonfire.

Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween – a fun holiday where people wear costumes and celebrate. The origin of the holiday was a festival known as Samhain.

Get dressed up – to put on fun or fancy clothes.

Scary costumes – A particular set of clothes made to look scary.

Witch – A magical woman that can caste spells.

Goblin – an evil dwarf like creature.

Decorate – making something look nice.

Ghouls and ghosts – Scary creatures

Jack-o-lantern – A pumpkin or turnip with faces cut into it.

Trick or treat – Going from door to door asking for candy.

Candy – Sweet sugary treats

Apple bobbing – Trying to catch apples with your mouth while apples are floating in water.

Bonfire – a big circular fire.

Ghost stories – Scary stories.

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