Frequency adverbs- Always & Sometimes

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Have you ever wondered how we deal with frequency adverbs in English and if we can just put them anywhere we like? Today we are going to focus on the frequency adverbs “always” and “sometimes” and see what the rules are for them in sentences.

Let’s start with “always”

The frequency adverb “always” indicates that the verb is carried out on the most frequent basis known. With this frequency adverb, we put it before the verb in a present tense sentence.


  • I always go to the cinema
  • They always play football
  • We always see each other at weekends

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, there are! With almost every verb, “always” comes before the verb- but not with the verb “to be”. With “to be” in the present tense, we must place “always” and all frequency adverbs after the verb instead- be careful with this!

Is “sometimes” exactly the same?

In terms of the rule regarding the fact that the frequency adverb goes before the noun, “sometimes” is the same. It must also be said however that we have the opportunity to place “sometimes” at the start of a sentence.


  • Sometimes, I go to the cinema with my friends
  • Sometimes, we stay home to watch the television
  • Sometimes, they do their homework

What about other frequency adverbs?

In terms of getting the hang of frequency adverb position in a sentence, it should be noted that with all verbs minus “to be” and “to be able to” (can), it is best to place the frequency adverb before the verb so that your sentence comes across as more native and smooth

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