Intermediate Grammar – Facebook Questions Answered II

A member of our ABA Community has asked for help understanding the difference between: Doubt That – Doubt Whether -Doubt If

Doubt That

Doubt that is used for negative contexts or questions; when you suspect something is not true or that a statement is false:
–  I doubt that she makes that much money.
–  There was never any doubt that he would leave his girlfriend, he was always talking about it.

Doubt Whether

Doubt whether is used to express uncertainty:
– I doubt whether we’ll have a nice Summer, the weather is being terrible.
– She doubts whether she’ll be able to make it to the party.

Doubt If

Doubt if can sometimes be substituted by doubt whether, although it is less formal so it is used in more casual situations:
– I doubt if James will really go to India, he hates flying.
– I doubt if/whether he’ll come in for work today, he’s been sick all week.

Any questions anyone?

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