Advanced Grammar – Reflexive Pronouns

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Reflexive Pronouns

Reflexive pronouns are not used very often in English. We use them when the same person is both the subject and object of the action. For example: 

Look after yourself

The reflexive pronouns are the following:


Let’s have a look at some more examples:

I cut myself shaving this morning.

Look at yourself in the mirror. That dress looks great on you!

She enjoyed herself a lot on holiday.

They blamed themselves for being late to the wedding.

Remember that they are used when the same person is both the subject and the object of the action. However, they are not needed when the verb describes things that people usually do for themselves.

Let’s look at verbs that are not followed by reflexive pronouns. For example:

I always shower in the morning.

Tell the children to get dressed.

Notice that in these examples we do not need to add the reflexive pronouns unless we want to emphasize the fact that we are doing something without help.

Emphatic Pronouns

When reflexive pronouns are used to stress a particular noun they are called emphatic pronouns and they are used to stress that the subject has personally done an action. For example:

She did it all by herself or She did it herself.

I spoke to the shop assistant myself.

Everyone cleaned out the desk themselves.

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Advanced grammar reflexive pronouns ABA English

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