English Vocabulary – Plants

We came across a beautiful video showing the growth of a seed into a plant, so here’s an English lesson for you to discover new vocabulary related to the world of plants. And the video is at the end of this post! Let us know if you liked it.


Seed – a small object produced by a plant from which a new plant can grow. 

Germination – when a seed begins to grow.

Growth – the process of growing: such as.

Blade – a single piece of grass or a similar plant.

Bud – a small part that grows on a plant and develops into a flower, leaf, or new branch.

Bark – the outer covering of a tree.

Branch – a part of a tree that grows out from the trunk.

Bulb – a rounded part of some plants that is under the ground and that grows into a new plant during the growing season.

Grain – the seeds of plants (such as wheat, corn, and rice) that are used for food.

Pollen – the very fine usually yellow dust that is produced by a plant and that is carried to other plants of the same kind usually by wind or insects so that the plants can produce seeds.

Seedling – a young plant that is grown from seed.

Sprout – to produce new leaves, buds, etc.

Stem – the main long and thin part of a plant that rises above the soil and supports the leaves and flowers.

Thorn – a sharp point on the stem of some plants (such as roses).

Twig – a small branch of a tree or bush.

Vine – a plant that has very long stems and that grows along the ground or up and around something (such as a wall or tree).

Weed – a plant that grows very quickly where it is not wanted and covers or kills more desirable plants.



  1. Amarilis Lélis

    I liked these video. I like all about plants.

  2. I liked very much this video! I like all about plants and for that I have a different plants in my short gardenIt’s very interesting and amused to see the plants growing and get the fruits

  3. Waow ! that’s a very beautiful film. Plants seem dancing. Life is really magic ; there is a lot of energy in a small seed and when all conditions gather themselves, life can begin even if we cannot see this miracle which takes place just under our feet. Thanks a lot

  4. Great video! I already subscribed to Neil’s channel in Youtube, I hope I could see more videos like that browsing his channel.

  5. really super

  6. I’m learning english and I like your videos to improve my vocabulary !
    It’s a wondeful way to learn !

    For the others english learners I’ve found a website with vocabulary lists. Though it’s not in video, it can be a complementary way for improve it. 😉

    Here a list with vegetation by example :

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