What you should and shouldn’t do when flying

When travelling, we all have preferences of what we like and what we don’t, however it’s impossible for everyone’s preferences to be the same. Today we are going to focus on general rules, or in other words, the “dos” and “don’ts” of travelling.

Let’s start with the “should not”

People can often be irritated by the simplest things, however there are times we are sure you’ll agree that certain things must not be done.

  • Don’t put your seat back during mealtimes on planes; Let’s be honest- There is nothing worse than trying to eat your middle of the road free aeroplane meal while the back of someone’s seat is literally centimetres from your face. Space please people.
  • Don’t even think about making lots of noise during a long middle of the night flight; This is a pet hate of a lot of people when they can’t get any sleep due to people laughing, playing music and maybe even snoring. Be respectful of others.
  • Don’t push to get off the aircraft; Nobody likes a pusher, no matter how little time you have to make your connection. Remember, that there are always likely to be more people who need to get another flight after disembarking the first aircraft so be be respectful of that.

On a more upbeat aspect, let’s have some “positives”

We all like our airport experiences to be relatively enjoyable so let’s have a look at what we should all be doing to make sure it’s easier not just for ourselves but for everyone else too.

  • If it is a short-haul flight and you’re not taking any hold luggage, make sure to check in online. Doing this will not only save you waiting in an unnecessary queue but will also be good for your fellow passengers because they won’t then have to wait on you (with no luggage) unnecessarily picking up a piece of paper you could have downloaded in 15 seconds before coming to the airport.
  • Many people would think that this goes without saying but always try to be on time for your flight. Fellow passengers love their flight to take off on time and it’s not a great idea to keep them waiting.
  • Listen to what the pilots and the air stewards/stewardesses tell you. There is nothing more annoying than someone who thinks they know more about flying an Airbus A38’0 than the captain. Fellow passengers will not be amused by these actions whatsoever.

What happens if someone is behaving in a manner which other passengers don’t enjoy?

As we all know from all our flight experience as passengers, it’s hard to please everyone, however if there is someone that is really grinding your gears for whatever action then please tell an air steward. It will be much easier for them to sort out the minor issue rather than it turning into a full scale civil plane war

Happy flying!


  1. I flyed one time from Poland to Bruxelles. I schouldn’t repete this adventure.?

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