The English Hashtags of 2018

Over the years, hashtags have become increasingly important both to gain visibility on the web and to find interesting content. The word hashtag comes from the fusion of the two terms in English hash and tag and was first introduced in 2007 in reference to Twitter. Later, as you well know, its use also happened on other social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. The numeral sign does not have a specific meaning, but it is a conventional sign to better classify a tweet and is used to enter a keyword.

By choosing the correct hashtag, you can easily find a topic of interest on a social network or, in the case of Instagram, locate the photos with the content you like. It is important that the words in the hashtags are specific in order to help you find content that meets your needs. At the same time, it is important to avoid being too obscure, otherwise, you could greatly limit your range of action and miss out on useful and interesting material.

Given the importance of choosing the correct hashtag, we have decided to propose the most interesting English hashtags of 2018. Whether you want to publish something and get visibility or if your intention is simply to search for material on a specific topic, finding the correct hashtag is key.


Adoptdontshop means “adopt, don’t buy.” As you will have surely understood, it is the motto of an awareness campaign that invites us to adopt our animal friends instead of buying them in stores. If this is a topic that interests you, to be more specific, you can add the following words to the hashtag:


Animal shelter

New home


Rescue dog


While you will know the meaning of zero, do you know what waste is? It is a noun that in this context means “trash”. So, zerowaste could be translated as no trash. This is a campaign to minimize waste and its impact on the planet. Related words from the same semantic field could include:







The hashtag #selfacceptance indicates acceptance of oneself, one’s own body and personality. Other related terms could be:



Mindful meditation

To acknowledge



Responsible travel immediately reminds us of the theme of responsible and sustainable tourism. If you are thinking of embarking on the journey of your life, look for material on this subject that accompanies this expression with the name of the place you would like to visit, for example, #responsibletravel #california. Alternatively, you could add the following keywords:




To wander



A theme that goes hand in hand with responsible tourism and especially with the problem of waste is that of climate change. If you are interested in debates about the condition of our planet and possible solutions for its climatic problems, use this hashtag. You can also add words like:


To protest





This hashtag consists of three words: mental, health, and awareness. Unfortunately, the issue of mental health has become increasingly heated due to the increase in mental illness and psychological disorders. Use this hashtag to make your contribution to debates about how to protect your psychological well-being and to support practices and attitudes that promote mental health and positive thinking. Other words related to this topic could be:







Giving Tuesday is an international movement that aims to promote the culture of giving, to create a more united and generous world. The idea came from the non-profit 92Y Street in New York and the United Nations Foundation. In 2012, they promoted this movement in response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Every year, Giving Tuesday falls on the Tuesday that immediately follows Black Friday. Other terms related to this initiative are:


To give

To donate

To share


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