What to strive for?


It’s Friday today and time for a little inspiration.

It’s important when learning a new language or a new skill to keep the goal in mind but we must also remember to keep focused on day to day practices.

If your objective is to learn English, set yourself small daily goals to m:. This way, without realizing it:

  1. Watch a movie in English with English subtitles
  2. Do some exercises on ABA English
  3. Sing along with a song to improve your pronunciation
  4. Write a letter or an email to friend who speaks good English
  5. Read a short article in English and make a note of the vocabulary words you don’t understand, look them up in the dictionary and try to remember at least 5!

There are so many ways to do a little bit of work every day – be creative and try to think of more and share with us your tricks in the comment section below.

Simply remember:


Strive – to try very hard to do or achieve something.

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