Top 10 phrasal verbs with “take”

We all know and love phrasal verbs, don’t we? The only tricky thing for a non-native speaker is using them in the correct way and understanding their meanings.

There are thousands of different phrasal verbs in English, but we are going to look at 10 phrasal verbs starting with “take.”

Let’s learn some phrasal verbs!

Take apart – to disassemble something often with the intention of fixing it

  • Kevin took apart his mobile phone and fixed the problem

Take after – to have a similar personality, interest or character to a family member or friend

  • I think Jane takes after her father, he always likes to play the guitar

Take down – to write down information

  • I took down all of the names of the new students in my class

Take (sth) back – to return something to the shop or place you bought it

  • Milly is going to take back the dress she bought yesterday, it doesn’t fit her.

Take up – start a new hobby or start doing a new activity or sport

  • Mike has decided to take up karate, I never knew he liked martial arts

Take over – to gain or take control of something

  • She seemed very tired while she was driving so I said I would take over for a few hours

Take off – to remove something, often clothing or an object covering something else

  • Please take off your shoes when you come into the house

Take (sth) on – to assume extra responsibility or work

  • I think I took on too much work last year, that’s why I was always so tired

Take (someone or something) in – to allow someone to stay at your house.

  • He had nowhere to sleep so I took him in for a few days

Take (somebody) out – to go out with someone and usually offer to pay for their food, drink or activity

  • Maria is a such a nice girl, she always takes me out and pays for everything

Remember to practise these phrasal verbs by writing them down and making sentences! You will learn them in no time!

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