Tip #2: Pronouncing Vowels in English

Hi ABA friends!

Today we want to share a beautiful video for you to practice your vowels with.

In the English language, we have 5 vowels – A, E, I, O and U. But combining these five letters gives us over 15 vowel sounds! Depending on the dialect there can be up to 27 combinations.

In this video, there are 15 vowel sounds. We recommend that:

1. Read the words
2. Watch the video and repeat 

[i:] Me – Tree – Three – People – V (vee)

[i] Ship – Ticket – This – King – Shilling

Bed – Pen – Yes – Well

Paris – Can – Spanish

Past – Dark – Arm – Car – Hard

Knot – Wash – Song – From – Rock – Coffee

All – Small – Ball – Morning

Full – Look – Good – Foot – Book

Who – Move – Noon – Blue – Two

Up – Cup – Sun – Sum

Her – Thursday – Burn – Work – Under – Father – Address – Servant

Saturday – Say – Baby – Train – Plate – Table  – Waiter

No – Smoke – Motor – Hotel

Ice – Eye – Side

Flower – Cloud – Hour – Now

Boy – Noise – Boil – Voice

Dear – Clear – Beer – Ear

Chair – Hair – Care

Four – Door – Floor

Good job! Practising the vowels and vowel sounds is very important to learn how to pronounce English correctly. It’s not only essential to pronounce the vowel sound well, but also the length of time it takes to say. For example between “ship” and “sheep”, which a lot of non-natives find difficult to differenciate.

Repeat with this video several times to make sure you can hear and pronounce each vowel sound.

And remember, if you have any questions, let us know! 🙂

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  1. Are there any rules to know when I have to pronounce the vowel in a way or another?

    • Hi Gema,

      Thanks for your question. I suggest memorising the vowel sounds from the blog and then from there you can continue working on new words as they appear. 🙂

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