How to Communicate With a Beautician in English

In summer, it is especially important to remove those unwanted hairs. We wear sleeveless shirts, sunbathe on the beach, and wear light skirts. In all of these cases, in order to feel comfortable, it is important to be well-shaved and clean. This applies not only to women but to the men who increasingly choose to wax as well.

If you are abroad and need to communicate with a beautician, it is a good idea to know how to express yourself in English. Here is a glossary and some phrases you will need to be neatly groomed even on your vacations.


Here is a small glossary of the specific terms for the sector and the parts of the body that may require hair removal.



Full leg wax

Half leg wax

Three-quarter leg wax

Bikini wax

Brazilian wax

Hollywood wax

Arm wax

Eyebrow wax

Upper lip wax

Chin wax

Underarm wax

Men’s back wax


Phrases to Reserve a Treatment

First of all, before getting your beauty treatment at an aesthetic centre, you must make a reservation. Here are some useful phrases.

Could I book a waxing appointment, please?

Do you do electrolysis?

Can I get a leg wax?

How much do you charge for a full leg wax?

Do you do bikini waxes?

Do you do laser hair removal?

Phrases to Ask Questions About the Treatment

The wax is very hot.

Could you do it a bit higher?

Could I have some talc? I have very delicate skin.

Do you also do a massage after waxing?

With these phrases, you can select the hair removal treatment you prefer. If you are thinking about signing up for an English course, why not try an online course? ABA English offers you 144 free video classes as well as short films and grammar exercises. You will also have qualified teachers ready to answer all of your questions. What are you waiting for?

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