The ABA English Teachers: Priscillia


Have you met any ABA English teachers? Now you can!

All the ABA English teachers will be available for any questions and you will be able to get in contact with them through the ABA Campus as long as your course lasts.

Moreover, they will explain English grammar to you in an extremely fun way via the course’s 144 video classes.

For example, let’s meet Priscillia!


My name is Priscilla, I was born in Brazil and I am 25. I have always been curious about other languages and cultures. This has led me to live in different countries and love lots of languages. I studied languages in college. English has been a constant in my life. I learnt it as a child and I perfected it whilst living in the United States.

What experience do you have as an English teacher?

I have worked as an English teacher in Brazil, Spain and Portugal. I am currently working as a teacher and translator.

What do you consider important for teaching English?

Enthusiasm for sharing your knowledge. Teaching is essentially a human activity and we experience it on a daily basis.

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