Add your ABA English Certificate to LinkedIn

We are excited to announce that you can now share your ABA English Certificate on your LinkedIn profile. You might ask…

Why add your ABA English certificate to your LinkedIn profile?

To obtain your English Certificate you must complete each of the six levels taught in ABA English. To correctly learn each level you will need to study between 60 and 80 hours, depending on your initial level. There are six certificates, from A1* to C1*.

By sharing your English Certificate on LinkedIn you will increase your chance of being discovered by recruiters. Showcase your new skills so employers can see what level of English you have achieved.

How to add your English Certificate to your LinkedIn profile

If you have a ABA English Certificate and want to add it to your LinkedIn profile, just click on the Add to Profile button below. You will be redirected to LinkedIn where you can fill in the correct information regarding the level of English you have achieved. Once you confirm the information on LinkedIn, your new skills will be made public on your LinkedIn profile.

Did you know profiles with certifications receive six times more views?

Click on the following Add to Profile button to get started:

LinkedIn Add to Profile button


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